Clinique review: Clove pop


How are you? So school has been a little crazy and work is very high but I thought I would spend an hour to chill and type up this post. 

A couple of days ago I was bored and I thought of making an autumnal make-up lookbook using different brands, well this semi worked. I sent a tweet out to many brands, some didn’t reply, some don’t work with bloggers and others are currently waiting to read my email. I thought before I share my review I’d go through the process as well.

How did I get in contact?

Like I said I started by tweeting them asking if they work with small bloggers. I got a reply quite quickly and they said to email them some details. At first I was like “omg so what the hell do they mean by details” so in the end I emailed them with the same thing I said in the tweet but added my blog website. A lovely person called Hannah got back to me very fast and I was so happy. She asked in what way could clinique help so I told her my idea. She sent me two preview pictures of the items that she thought would be perfect for my idea. I agreed, I gave her my adress and then they were sent.

How was delivery?

Well I gave my adress to her on Friday, went to work on saturday, came home and found a parcel from clinique waiting for me. So next day delivery! I’m going to be honest, I was amazed at this because I thought it would have arrived sometime during the week.


When I opened the package I fell in love! I had a note from clinique which I thought was such a cute and personal touch. It wasn’t suggested that I would have got a note, but I did and I just think that its a thoughtful gesture. As well as the note I found the two lipsticks that Hannah had picked out to create my looks. And oh my god I felt like I was in heaven. They look so beautiful that I still feel bad for using them!

And now onto the review of clove pop

I thought I would review them seperatley because I created some looks for them.

The packaging is very cute and something I am proud to own (I don’t own much make-up and the bits I do own are handed down from my mum). 

So it looks like this. The silver lid is what caught my eye. A very simple look, clearly showing the shade of colour. I like the simplicity of the look.

On the top of mine it said preview sample because well im reviewing it. On the bottom it tells you what it is (so in this case its a clinique pop matte lip colour + primer). It shows you what colour it is in both name and number. Its good to keep this on the bottom for future referances.

I’ve used this lipstick everyday since saturday so its looking a bit grubby but its great. 

This is just a tester thing that beauty gurus do 😂

My opinion

I love this shade. And I mean LOVE. This is already on peoples christmas list. Application was easy. It doesn’t come out un-even and it doesn’t come out dark and smudgy. Just enough colour comes out and of course you can add more if you want to. Its a matte lipstick which makes this shade just that little bit more perfect! You can use the tip to line your lips (because I don’t have a lip pencil) or just for an all round coverage. Its very smooth against your lips and a cute natural/autumn shade. I used this lipstick for a very orangey/brown eye look using my w7 in the nude pallete so if you would like to see that look let me know. 

This lipstick lasted me around 4 hours but that includes drinking ( a lot) eating and the whole kiss on each cheek thing. It doesn’t crack or leave your lips feeling dry which I think is incredible because most lipsticks do. 

If you can pout (which I definatly can not do) your lips will be looking amazing for hours. 

If you’re interested in buying this then click here for a direct link to the colour. 

I’d just like to say a huge thank you to clinique for helping me produce this post and although my idea didn’t go to plan I have still managed to enjoy both lipsticks. 
Thank you for reading, I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you have leave a like and comment and share it around with your friends.

I’ll see you all on Friday for a very special post.

Lots of love,

Alanna ♡

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