Fridays treat

So today has been a good day, I had a maths exam first thing and quite honestly I think I did very well with that. I only left two questions and left and answer for the rest even if I didn’t understand it properly. 

Then I had like no lessons at all for the rest of of the day, no that is not cool because that means I spent 3 hours at school for no reason!!

Anyway today in form (a before lunch 20 minute class thing) my tutor brought in some food for us to try, it was pretty fun watching other people try foods and it was great watching him try a hot chili and cry 😂. I left the class eating a poperdom (is that how you spell them) anyway they are the things you get with an indian curry.

Also today I tried the Propercorn lightly sea salted.

And wow!! They are amazing! Its true they are lightly salted which means you are not over powered by taste but you actually enjoy eating the packet. Well not the actual packet but all of its conent. 

I really like the packaging. It’s a light blue with a cool sea/boat picture because obviously sea salt links to the sea. It has little popcorn pieces at the top and it tells you how many calories are in the packet. 88Cals is great considering its popcorn!

I believe that this makes a great snack, great for a movie night and great to eat on a diet. I had a packet for my lunch and it did make me feel full so you defiantly wouldn’t need much or anything with this. 

I definatly  recommend this flavour and it is scoring a 10/10. I think thats a great score considering I use to hate the smell/taste of popcorn! A huge thank you goes to Olive from Propercorn for sending me a great flavour!

Have you tried this one? Have you tried propercorn before? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Its been good to see you! Have a safe weekend.


Alanna ♡

Announcement: I have a new snapchat dedicated to my blog! So go and add Galaxygirlblog and I will add you all back! 


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