Propercorn review: Sour cream and black pepper


Yes its that time again, the time when I feel horrible about myself so I eat a lot of food then feel worse about it. I am so glad that I am working with propercorn because they fill me up on just one packet.

Yesterday I decided to try the sour cream and black pepper flavour. I was both suprised and disgusted. Not really the best of things to say when you’ve got to do a review. 

Personally popcorn has never been my favourite, I use to love it as a kid – you know when you have a movie night and your mum spoils you with food – but as I’ve grown up my taste has changed and I found it a little dry. Keeping that in mind, this flavour is anything but dry! 

You get such a powerful kick from the sour cream, its all you can taste until you’ve swallowed. Once you’ve swallowed you need to get an ice drink fast. The black pepper is way too strong and burns your throat. Its a good mix to have but I don’t think it was planned through. You need an equal balance with every bite, not go from one extreme to the other. 

I managed to successfully eat 2 out of 4 bags so I can’t complain. The other two went to my next door neighbours because they were kinda jealous of the amount of popcorn I had. 

I wouldn’t rush out and buy this flavour again but saying that if I was offered it for a movie night I would maybe have a handful or something. 

Don’t just listen to my opinion though, go try it for yourself. As I have said before we all have different tatse buds and I am pretty much a wimp when it comes to new tatses. 

Let me know if you’ve tried this or if you’re going to try it. It’ll be nice to know your thoughts.

Lots of love,

Alanna ♡


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