Sunday Brunch Day

How are you? This weekend has been the worst, I spent all day yesterday in bed feeling sorry for myself because I fell for an f boy. I really need a kick up the A so if any of you would kindly like to volunteer, please say so now. 

Todays first post as you can see is a brunch post. Partly because I am way too lazy to get up and eat breakfast and because brunch makes me sound posh. Although if you know me personally, you’d know that I would be happy sitting in a corner with my coco pops or jam on toast. 

Here are some brunch ideas for you.

1: Bacon, egg and cheese roll ups

2: Blueberry muffin

3: Strawberry sweet rolls

4: Ham, egg & cheese breakfast pizza

5: Chocolate & banana crescent rolls 

6: Crêpes

7: Donut apples

8: Brownie batter pancakes

9: Cheesy bacon quiche 

10: Red velvet cinnamon rolls 

What one of these have made you feel hungry? Would you like a recipe to any? Let know. 

Have a wonderful afternoon, enjoy the sun, and revise as much as you can.


Alanna x


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