Welcome back to imagalaxygirl, formaly known as Alanna. As half of you know, this blog has been going for two and a bit years, I posted everyday and I loved every moment. From looking at my blog now, I have deleted almost all of my posts. Why? I did so because they are not me, they are not where I see my blog going and they just didn’t reflect on who I am as a person. As you can see, I have kept my sponsered posts (my two clinique posts and my propercorn posts). I have also kept my thank you post. I have kept these because they are the posts I am most proud off. Working with any company while having a crappy blog is an amazing thing, so working with two while having a crappy blog was amazing! I loved working with them too, both were super helpful, so polite and very easy to work with. I can honestly say, I loved every moment.

For the other half of you, who have either recently followed or have not read my posts or know anything about me, this is a new introduction. 

Name: Alanna

Name known by: So I either sign off a post with ‘A x’, ‘A ♡’, ‘Alanna x’ or ‘Alanna ♡’. You can call me A, Alanna or galaxygirl. I respond to all three.

Age: 18

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Birthday: 4th February

Reason behind starting my blog: I went through a horrible event four years ago, it left me with depression, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) which lead to having no confidence and self harm. I decided to blog to get rid of the need to harm, to gain confidence and use this as a way to escape my demons. Now, four years later, I blog because I love it, I love interacting with new people, I love making new friends and I love that I could be making a difference to someone, somewhere.

Three fears?: Okay so don’t laugh but my three top fears are

  1. Moths – I just don’t like how fast they are or how they come flying at you with their huge wings.
  2. Being alone – Now I don’t mean being alone in a relationship way, I just don’t like being alone period. I’m scared that something will happen to me but no-one will know because I was alone.
  3. Needles – I hate them so much! Huge things that they just stab into your arm or in my case hand. I don’t give blood easily so when a doctor stabs a needle into both arms, your wrists and your hands just to get blood, you would be scared of them too. Injection needles are the worst too!

Three things I love: It’s quite hard to norrow this to three but

  1. My family – No matter what I am going through, they are always right there beside me. I am very close to the majority of my family and I love that I can go to them with anything.
  2. My friends – I don’t have a whole group of friends, I am not a very talkative person, so I don’t tend to make friends. But the friends that I have I love. They each have a different personality. They are honestly the best people to create memories with.
  3. I love my life. As crazy as it is, as messed up as it can be, I honestly wouldn’t change it for the world. Each day gives me a new reason to be thankful that I am alive. I’m thankful things turned out the way they did.

    My best friends: Some of them wouldn’t want to be named on my blog so I will just write their inital of their first name.

    • H
    • S
    • N
    • J
    • G
    • J

    The last somg I listened to: Miley Cyrus – Malibu.

    My goals in life:

    • Travel the world.
    • Have kids.
    • Buy my own house.
    • Run my own business.
    • Be happy.

    My goals for my blog: 

    • Make new friends.
    • Create content people enjoy reading.

    A photo of myself

      ◇ ◇ ◇

      That is it guys, I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Ask me anything in the comments and I will be sure to answer them. I will be back tomorrow to share with you my post schedule. 

      Stay safe, happy and live life as an adventure.


      Alanna ♡


      17 thoughts on “Welcome

      1. I always though Alanna was a pretty name💕
        I don’t like needles at all! I hate having to go for any type of shots.
        Im glad blogging has helped you during that difficult time and turned into a love. That’s amazing✨

        Liked by 1 person

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