June goals


Welcome back to my blog. Today is the start to the new galaxygirl. Today is also the start to a new month which means the saying “a new month a new set of goals” comes out. Now, I could be wrong, but I am sure that more than half of us set ourselves monthly goals, yet we do not achieve them. We either find ourselves doing something else, forgetting about them or we use the golden saying “I’ll do it tomorrow”. But does that ever happen? No. 

Why set yourself goals if you aren’t going to achieve them? I understand that things don’t always go to plan and some things are more important, but surely you should make more time. Your goals do not benifit anyone but you, so its all well and good that you are sharing them with us, but if thats all you are doing, them maybe you should reconsider.

This month for me will have a terrible start, I know this due to an event that I sadly have to go to. Nothing could have helped this, its part of life, so I have chosen a few goals that will help me recover from a bad week, and turn this month into a positive one.

My first goal is: Smile. I have something that is commonly known as a “resting bitch face”. I’m pretty sure it’s a generic thing. It is very rare that you will see me smiling. The goal to smile will not only lift my mood because I won’t feel down and gloomy, but it will lift the mood of others too. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. What I mean by that is, if you smile, other people will smile, their smile will move onto a new person and so forth. It’s a pretty cool gift right?

My second goal is to: Wake up early. Where I don’t have school anymore, and finding a place that will employ me is proving a lot more difficult, I find myself lying in bed until 9am sometimes 10am. For some, this isn’t a bad thing, it’s an alright time to wake, but I find that I have wasted a huge part of my day. By the time I have got out of bed, peed, had breakfast, got dressed, brushed my teeth, done my make up and hair, it’s roughly 11am, sometimes 12-12:30pm. There isn’t much you can do after that. My aim is to wake up at 8am everyday this month, even on weekends. It will give me more of the day to be able to have adventures, have fun and most importantly, work on my blog.

My third goal this month is to: Say yes. I spend so much time saying no to things because of my health, I just can’t risk it. This month, I am going to say yes to things (within reason). If a friend wants to meet I will not find excuses to let them down, I will say yes and meet them, if an opportunity arrives that doesn’t mean I will put my health in danger, for sure I will go for it. I want to be able to go out on my own, because being eighteen and having a parent or someone with you 24/7 is a nightmare. It’s all fo safety reasons obviously, I can’t be alone at the moment because my seizures are becoming more frequent as this heat keeps on rising. But, I am willing to explore some new places, new local places on my own. 

My fourth goal is to: exercise. I will go out at 8am and do a 30 minute run every other day as well as doing some key workouts. Squats are not my thing (I have a large natural bum as it is) but this month, I want to work harder on it and shape myself up. After all, summer starts in twenty-one days. 

My fifth and final goal for this month is to: read. I have neglected this a lot. I don’t think I have picked up a book and read it since March, we are now in June so that was a while ago. Reading isn’t only good for the mind, it’s good for your soul. It’s peaceful and soothing. I find after a stressful day, picking up a book and getting lost in another world, is a lot more beneficial then sitting there watching tv with a glass of wine in your hand, because if we are being honest with ourselves, we never just have the one glass. We are stressed and we are distracted by the tv so we end up drinking more. Reading also improves your language, perhaps you stumble across a new word, look it up and find out what it means, most words you can adapt to use in your ever day conversations.


That concludes my June goals. I am ever so excited to be back. I hope you begin to enjoy my longer posts and I look forward to sharing a more sophisticated style blog. I would love to know what your June goals are and if you are able to stick to them.

I hope to see you on my instagram tonight, sharing your love and goals on my post.

Last song listened to: Beyoncè – Crazy in love.

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure,


Alanna x

New vlog: https://youtu.be/mR8-xVHxF7E


13 thoughts on “June goals

  1. I love the the first goal to smile! Smiling will make yourself feel great and maybe make someone else’s day. I should make that a goal for this month to. I’m sure you’ll defo achieve all of your goals! Good luck💗🌹

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