My lipstick collection


I am back, just about able to type but back. Before I jump straight into my lipstick collection, i’d just like to remind you that I am here if you need me but most importantly I want you to remember to be respectful to others, do not judge them in a way that will cause offence and upset. The golden saying ” If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say it ” is key in this situation.

Now that I have said my piece, its time to check out my lipstick collection. I have recently sorted out my make-up and a lot of my things my mum has taken, so I am not too sure what she has left me. (If you like this post don’t forget to give it a like).

Lipstick uno(one)

Okay to the first lipstick in my collection is my signature colour. M.A.C’s Velvet Teddy. The one true love of my life! – Bit far? But you get the point right? I love the colour, the feel, the way it brings all my make-up together. The way people compliment it and ask what shade im wearing. I wear this everyday, i’d wear it all day if I could.

Lipstick dos(two)

My second lipstick is Luxe silk. I have worn this once and it wasn’t that bad. The colour is cute, its not also a silky texture, maybe that was the hint towards the name. The colour is like a pinky coral colour. Its not a bad lipstick.

Lipstick tres(three)

Okay so my mum only left me three lipsticks. She is so thoughtful *eyeroll*. So my last lipstick is one that I haven’t worn out out. By this I mean, i’ve tried it on then an hour later taken my make-up off. My third lipstick is Avon Country Rose. Yes, you guessed it, its a rose colour. It has a kind of orange undertone to it, which I actually like. Maybe I will give it a try wearing it out out.

Sadly, that concludes my lipstick collection. Now I am not too sure if I can even call it a collection. I am looking to buy some new lipsticks though, so pop down any reccomendations. 


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Sorry it’s late and that it is short. I didn’t expect to write a post earlier today and I thought my mum left me more make-up.

I’ll see you all tomorrow. Have fun at school/work.


Alanna x


5 thoughts on “My lipstick collection

  1. Cute colors! 🙂 I love lipstick/gloss/etc. ❤ I've mostly got glosses right now, but a few actual lipsticks, too. I'd love to get more. Whenever I drag my boyfriend into Ulta with me, he always suggests I try one of the dark blue shades but I'm not so sure I agree with him . . . lol We'll see. 😛

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