Losing over £100 in wages – A life update

How are you? Happy weekend. The weather is incredible, I am currently sat in the garden soaking up the rays and attempting to tan. I hear that we are set for an amazing few weeks off hot weather, so get your pools up asap!

I know you’re probably wondering, why am I uploading when I said I wouldn’t. Truth is I miss sitting down and writing post after post. I am working my butt off to get my summer posts ready, but thats not enough to fix my needs. Blogging to me is an addictive drug – probably not the best way to describe it, but you get the picture.

I have some huge things coming up in July regarding my health, I am so happy that the ball is finally rolling and that I am getting closer to getting answers. On July 3rd I am off to London for 3 nights in a hospital, wired up to machines and being filmed 24/7. This is so they can film and track my seizures, it sounds scary, but I have been through a similar thing before, only difference is, it lasted for and hour and not 72. While I am up there, I will have my posts scheduled so they should go up. I wont have any internet, so if you do comment, I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

I have a follow up appointment on Wednesday at hospital to check over my hand and to make sure I don’t have any pockets of fluid or infection left. It seems to be a lot better, the swelling has gone and I can move my fingers a lot better, it does get very painful when I over do things, but I am not one to rest. 

Technically I am grounded so I wont be doing any adventure vlogs yet, but they will be up soon, I promise. I will be normal vlogging too, just need to work around my schedule, too many appointments are comming up.

I have lost more weight. I haven’t done my workouts due to my hand but I think being in hospital has helped because I don’t like hospital food so I didn’t eat much. Next week I will be back to my exercises, and hopefully I can go out running too.

Work has been a nightmare. I was in hospital for Saturday and Sunday last week so I lost out on my shifts, which means I lost out on getting paid, I couldn’t do anything about that so I am not too angry but I was discharged Monday and I was due to work today, but I was told on Thursday that I have been taken off my shift. No explanation why, no ringing me up and asking if I am well enough to do it, nope, they took that upon themselves to take me off. Which means I have lost another day of wages, that is over £100 that I will not be getting this month. Now to some off you £100 is nothing, but to me, it is everything, I am 18, struggling to find a job that will take me because of my seizures, school has kicked me out and I am saving to be able to move to America. Losing £100 is a big deal. I am so annoyed because I have bills to pay, I have money to put away and I have my familys birthdays coming up. I will have just about enough to cover my bills, thats it, then for the rest of the month, I will be left with £5. How is someone suppose to live off £5!?

Okay, I’ll stop ranting. 

My social life is pretty much non existant. My best friend visited me in hospital so at least I know she still cares. My other friend visited too, she brought me a happy meal, sweets and a card that pretty much sums up my life. I speak to my other friend everyday, he is dealing with his own stuff but we always find a way to annoy eachother. As for everyone else, they don’t seem that interested. The friends I made at school, they are all revisinh for their mock exams, so obviously I am being their mother and telling them to revise and not talk to me, but my other friends, the older lot, they are honestly crap. They always come up with the same excuses and it backfires on them because they are then out with other people. I think its about time I cut ties with them. 

That is it for my update, its not very cheery, I am sorry. I hope you managed to enjoy the sun, maybe tomorrow, sit in the garden with your books.

Stay happy, stay safe and live life as an adventure.

I love you all,

Alanna x

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