Fathers day letters 


Thank you for everything you have done for me. I have been the most difficult one yet, I have put you through hell, I have made you cry, I have made you feel like you hae failed me. You haven’t. You have been the best dad I could ever ask for. We have had our ups and downs. More ups though. Like the time when your burnt a plastic colinder and it went all over our meatballs, and the time you let us crack eggs on your head. Or the time we went for a bike ride and you tought me how to ride on the road. On that same bike ride you fell off in the field and there I was, worrying that you had hurt yourself, but you were sat on the floor laughing. You support me through all of my crazy ideas, you have little rant sessions with me. We take some great selfies and some even better mug shots. Even though I have been through a lot of shit, I am glad I had you to help me get through them. I love you ♡.


Dear Grandad Will,

Happy fathers day! It’s nearly been four years since I’ve seen you, I hope its not too bad up there. I’m sorry that I didn’t say goodbye. I thought I would come back and see you the next day, but I wasn’t able too. I want to thank you for all of those birthday phone calls, it sounds silly but I still wait for you to pick the phone up and sing “happy birthday to you, squashed tomatoes and stew, bread and butter in the gutter, happy birthday to you” that was always the highlight of the birthday calls. I miss it, but not as much as I miss you. Thank you for teaching us how to be strong and how to keep fighting through the hard times, and thank you for the rotten banana you gave me the first time I went trick or treating. I love you ♡.


Dear Grandad Brain,

You have been gone for nearly 12 years. Dad is so much like you. I hope you’re looking down on him today and that you’re proud of him. He is definitely showing his age now. He seems to like steam trains, so we brought him a wind up one. He seemed happy enough. He talks about you. Did you know that? He shares little stories of you and I keep them stored up in my head, ready to re-tell them to my kids in the future. I have my own stories of you too. Like the time you scared us and I cried and the time you played football in the garden with us, but you missed the ball and fell over. After that we got told off but it was worth it. There are a lot of stories about me as a little kid at your house. 12 years seems so long ago, but just know that we could never forget you. I love you ♡.

Alanna x


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