How am I surviving in this heat

Welcome to another warm sticky day here in England. It is half eight and it is already 18°C. It is only set to get hotter today reaching 27°C. Yesterday I was like a snowman that was melting. Today is no different. 

I thought I would share my survival tips. A little dramatic but trust me, I am like Olaf when he is standing in front on the fire (a Frozen reference which is a little ironic don’t you think?)

My tips

1) STAY HYDRATED – Drink plenty of water, the more you drink the better. Its better to have a full bladder and need to pee constantly then to not drink and find yourself dehydrated and feeling ill.

2) SHADE IS YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND – Yes we all love to sit in the direct sun, but that isn’t good for you. You can over heat, get sunstroke, burn ect. Spend some time sitting in the shade, you still get to enjoy the weather, you’re just not putting yourself at risk.

3) HATS LOOK GOOD – So throwing it back to Primary school when you wasn’t allowed to play outside unless you have a hat on, we hated it but we did it anyway. There are so many trendy hats/caps. It’s not just boys that can pull them off. 

4) FANS – I don’t mean the ones that scream your name, I mean the ones that you plug in and it spins cool air at you. Buy a couple of cheap fans and have them around your room. This will help keep cold air circulating around your room (leave the door open so hot air can escape). 

5) FREEZE PACKS – Also known as ice packs. Wrap them in a kitchen towel (tea towl ((I don’t know what you call them.)) Put one on the base of your neck and one on your feet. 

6) AVOID PEAK SUN TIMES – There are certaim times of the day when the sun is at its highest peak, avoid being out at these times. You can still go out and enjoy the sun, it’s just safer that you’re not out in the extreme heat. I’m pretty sure you can find the peak times on a weather app.

7) DON’T LAYER UP – Yes it looks good in the mirror but if you look out the window and see people out in just shorts and a top, you really shouldn’t be wearing jeans, a vest, a top over that vest, a jumper over that top and then a coat/jacket. Know when enough is enough. Just jeans and a top will do. 


And that is the end to my survival tips. How do you survive in the heat? Are you a melting Olaf too?

I hope you enjoyed this post. I’ll be back at 6pm with a special fathers day post.

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


A ♡


17 thoughts on “How am I surviving in this heat

  1. This post is what I needed today!! It’s too hot it’s unbearable. I agree with all of your tips. I don’t usually wear shorts but I know it’s a hot day when I don’t care and just wear them 😂 I find that having a strong mint can cool me down for a while 🙈😂 the ones that give you brain freeze. Or an ice pop. This heat is horrible 😥💗

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  2. I’m obsessed with the heat, it could be warmer and I really wouldn’t care less. I can sit in it for hours. Heck, I have to revise and so I’m doing it outside in the sun!! It’s amazing, I don’t tan very easily but I do burn, so I have suncream on (much to my sticky hatred) and I lie down and attempt to get some colour!! I have a tan line on my back from the racerback dress I was wearing yesterday, give me more sunnn☀️☀️

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      1. Seriously do!! It got to 32 degrees in my garden today, been out revising in the sun and mostly sunbathing. Hoping I’ll have some form of colour come the morning! Just come in my house and had a freezing cold shower, 1000% recommend it !

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  3. Gosh, it really has been hot and humid, I really needed these tips. I do like the sun but really struggle with the heat, esp when there’s no breeze.. ahh you just reminded me I need to grab a big floppy hat 😥 thanks for the tips lovely 💕 xx

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      1. Aww I totally feel you hun. 😥😨 Gosh, I’ve been staying indoors like a vampire since the heat has hit.. haha 😥 Thanks lovely, have a relaxing weekend xx


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