My Summer reading list


I’m back with internet! I have seriously missed chatting with you. I feel like I have missed your posts, if I have, tag them in the comments. I have done my best to catch up. How has your Monday been? It won’t be long until school ends, so just hang in there.

Today, as you can tell from the title, I am preparing to do a lot of reading over the summer, of course I will be having a lot of fun too, but as a fellow book lover, it just doesn’t feel right leaving them out. I don’t have a huge list because I have a lot of plans (mainly spending time in hospital) but it’s always good to make time to do the things you enjoy.

Right anyway, lets get into it.

  1. The Great Gatsby – I was using this book in my English Lit A level class before I was kicked out, and I was quite enjoying it, so now I am going to sit and read it without having to write an essay on ever character.
  2. The girl on the train – I have had this book for so long and I just haven’t picked it up and read it long enough to enjoy it. The hype of this book was unreal, so I will make sure I get past the first few chapters.
  3. The host – The film is amazing, honestly its up there in my top 3 favourite films, I loved the story and the characters and the imagery, so the book is going to be 10 times better. It’s such a long book so this one might take me some time (4 days max) but I already know this book will be my hype.
  4. The last book I plan on reading is Everything Everything – I have read it before and I loved it, it’s such a beautiful stories and it’s one of those books you can read in one sitting, so I will have to read it before the summer ends.

Sorry this post is short, I am off out for a suprise catch up with a friend. Let me know what your summer reading list is. 

Come chat in the comments ❤

Stay happy, stay safe and live life as an adventure,


Alanna ♡


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