Sun safety – Rules are there for a reason


I know the sun isn’t quite shinning the way we all need it too, but it is still rather warm outside. Just because the sun isn’t tanning you, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to the sun safety rules.

I know, people do not enjoy rules, and the famous quote “rules are there to be broken” is in this case, not true. Rules are there to keep you safe and to stop you having to spend time in a&e or the doctors. So read carefully and follow the rules.

Rule 1: Drink plenty – I am sure we have been told this since we were kids, so listen to those who keep nagging about it. They aren’t telling you to drink for the fun off it, they’re telling you so you don’t get dehydrated. 

Rule 2: Wear suncream – Yes its lovely to tan and things but your skin is so sensitive, the damage the uv does is real okay, it’s not just to scare you. Please make sure you are using suncream and re-applying it too, you will still tan, you’re just being kinder to your skin.

Rule 3: Shelter – Yes its so fun when you’re running around in the heat without any protection, then when you get home you don’t feel well, thats because you’ve probably got sunstroke. How to avoid this? Shade and hats! Sheltering yourself doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself, you’re just being safe.

Rule 4: Watch what you’re wearing – Okay so my last post I was telling you not to wear layers and layers in the sun, but now I am telling you to cover up a bit. It frustrates me to see, half naked people sitting at a childrens park. Wait can I just say that part again. At a CHILDRENS park. Sure wear your bikinis in your garden or at the pool, but not at a park where you’re bottom half is literally non exsistant and your top, well it’s just about covering your nipples. Just keep in mind where you are and what you’re wearing, okay?

Rule 5: Eat – You have to eat when its hot, trust me if you don’t you’ll feel 10x worse. So the sun has made you feel sick, eating will help bring all your levels back to normal. Screw the “i can’t eat carbs i’m on a summer diet”, no, go eat whatever it is that you need to bring yourself back to normal. Dieting isn’t about starving yourself, its eating the right amount at the right time and its all about the exercise too! 


That is the sun safety rules, please listen to them, or at least some of them. I’m sorry if I caused any offence to anyone, that wasn’t my intention.

I want you all to enjoy the sun, it’s just frustrating when afterwards you complain about the most obvious thing. Now, I have saved you from your own madness.

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


A x


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