July goals


How are my little rays of sunshine? It is finally the weekend and yes it is now July. This year is going crazy, I want it to slow down a little. Let me know how you are spending your weekend, lets make me jealous for the fact that I am stuck in so I don’t catch any illnessess before I go into hospital. 

This month is such a crazy month, its full of high emotions, lots of hospital days but also a lot of birthdays. My family have had such bad luck during the month of July, it’s one of those months that I like to pretend doesn’t exist, but in reality, it does and it lasts for 31 days. I have made a list of a lot of goals to make sure my mind doesn’t wonder else where. Are you ready to see what they are?

My goals

  1. Spend time with new friends – I have recently met up with some amazing people that I thought I wouldn’t ever meet and they have literally changed my world. They are the sweetest, most down to earth people and I want to make an effort to see them more.
  2. Lose 2stone – I will do it because I am doing so well with my weight at the moment. I’m sick of looking at myself and seeing all the fat that my body just doesn’t need. So say goodbye to this fatty.
  3. Take more time for myself – I spend so much time focusing on everyone else, I put my heart and soul into making them happy, even if that means im not. Well I am sorry, but now its my time. I’m going to be selfish and focus on me. 
  4. Save – I say this all the time and then I end up lending my money to people and they never pay me back (big mistake!) But I am moving to America for four months next October, so this girl needs her money.
  5. Put the same effort in – If someone isn’t putting the effort in to talk to me, then bye. I’m sick of always having to be the first one, I stand by them through their hardest times and then when I need someone, they run away. So if it means losing friends and hurting them, then so be it.
  6. Wake up at 5am – Haha, only I could want to wake up at a crazy time. Waking up at 5 means I can watch the sun rise, watch the day grow and then fall. There is something so peaceful in that. Besides waking up at 5 means I can get up and get things done.
  7. Drink less tea – As you saw by my WIAT post, I drink tea a lot. I need to cut that down a bit for two reasons 1) it makes me need to pee a lot and 2) all that extra energy is not great at 10pm when you’re meant to be trying to sleep.
  8. Spend money on myself – I need to stop buying for others, I go to work and work hard for the money I earn, and I am going to be honest, I don’t earn a lot, yet I always give my money to others. This month, I am going to get the things I want, like my ID, my tattoo and my nails done. 
  9. Experiment more with my make up – I love make up, I don’t feel confident unless I am wearing it, but I stick with the basics, so I want to learn more, buy some new bits and experiment.
  10. F**k others opinions – Okay so lately I have been told I am fat, been told I am not good enough for the person I like, well f**k them! Yes I am fat, but my fat makes my boobs look bigger lol. Yes I have thick things, but damn does my butt look great in leggings. Its time to put my middle finger in the air and tell everyone to suck it.

    So they are my July goals, I’d love to know what your goals are. Make sure you check in tomorrow for two posts!

    Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure. 

    Lots of love,

    Alanna x


    7 thoughts on “July goals

    1. I’m great, if it was raining so much here .
      Oh well,my July goals consist of taking more pictures, be more consistent in blogging ,throw in my school work as well.I think that’s all I can think of for now .
      Great post as always Alanna, Get well soon and have a great day😄

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