I treated myself – A mini haul

Happy Sunday! For me its not a happy Sunday, tomorrow I have the dreaded London bound hospital stay, I’ll explain more tonight.

To cheer myself up I decided to treat myself. I brought things that I simply did not need, I do not need and I shouldn’t have brought, but who cares! I brought these on Friday, so now I am kinda poor (lol). 

Some pretty pink Carnations.

A new hospital read

Some good Kentish Strawberries

The biggest Toblerone bar I have seen.

Some good old Alhocholic drink

Three types of Arizona tea.

Some gorgeous lashes from www.beccalashesuk.co.uk. Use my code LASHSQUAD10 when you purchase any item from the site.

 I couldn’t resist the urge to buy Louise Pentland’s book. I am addicted to her youtube channel and decided why the hell not. A girl can never have too many books. 


That concludes me 


6 thoughts on “I treated myself – A mini haul

  1. 1 carnations are my most favourite flowers EVER!! 2 into the water was SUCH a good book I am even going as far as to say it was better than girl on the train only thing I’ll say is it’s a bit slow to start with there is alot of places and people your introduced to straight off but it’s worth it in the end!!! Hope the hospital stay isn’t for too long sending big hugs xxx

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