4 years of friendship

How are you? Happy Wednesday! Today has been kinder on the weather front, I’m feeling a little more summery.

Todays post is kinda my way of asking you for help. Four years ago on the 16th of July, I met this boy, who has become one of my best friends. Unfortunately that is the same day my grandad died, but I want to do something special to celebrate the friendship.

We can’t do anything public, our frienship is kept a secret because people always seem to have an opinion. I like it that way though, I prefer the fact that people do not know our business, and we are a lot more relaxed around eachother.

Throughout the four years we have had so many rough patches but yet we seem to come back stronger anf crazier. I want to do something special for him that’s not too cheesy, thats not out in the public. Just something so that he knows I appreciate him. 

Do you have any suggestions? I want to make it special because next year I am moving to America before I go travelling, so I wont see him again.

All suggestions are welcome!


Alanna x


10 thoughts on “4 years of friendship

  1. Awe! That’s cute . You can hang out together or buy him a gift to remember you when you travel. Or make a memorable day that he won’t ever forget or you can do the those in 1 time ; like hang out , buy him a gift and make this day memorable so he won’t ever forget it ❤️❤️❤️ btw happy birthday to your friendship 💜💜😂

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