Grandad Brian

How are you? I know you’ve been gone a while but we miss you. I’m sorry we didn’t talk about you. I know dad thought about you a lot. More then a lot to be honest. He always thinks about you. I do too. I may not show it because I am too busy running around with the boys, but I do. You’ll always be on my mind.

I’m sorry we don’t visit you, I don’t think dads ever been back since your funeral, he hates goodbyes, you know that. He doesn’t want to remember you as a hole in the ground, you’re something more then that, something a lot more. 

I know we spent the day smiling, being happy and from above I guess that looked like we didn’t know. Truth is, we will always know. Yes you passed on my aunties birthday, so we smile and make sure she doesn’t know that we are thinking about anything else. 

Grandad, I miss you. I hope you can see how happy I am, I wish you can see the plans I am making for the future. Do you think i’m crazy? In the future when I have my own children. They will always know about you, just because you’re not here to see them, doesn’t mean your spirit will not live on through them.

I hope it’s not too bad up there, I hope you can still have a sit down with your feet up and I hope you’re still able to do everything you did before. Most importantly, I hope as you are looking down, that you are happy, that you’re proud of my dad. He is the strongest man I know and that is because you made him that way.

Have a good time up there, I am sure we will catch up again one day. Until then, I hope we continue to make you proud.

Love always,

Alanna x


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