My Summer Goals – A collab with Lucy


How are you? I am so excited because you guys break up soon which means I can post more! But, I am also so excited because I am bringing you a collab with the gorgeous Lucy! I have collabed with her before and let me tell you, she is an absolute babe! You can find her blog here. Most importantly, check out her Prom post and have a look at how amazing she looked! A true beauty on the inside and out.

For todays collab as seen by the title, we are sharing our summer goals. Make sure you head over and read Lucy’s goals after you’ve finished reading mine. Give her a follow if you don’t already!

I don’t really have goals for this summer, I have one goal and that is it. I have a bucketlist which I would love to complete but I wouldn’t call them goals. They are more like activites to stop me from being bored.

My summer goal is to focus on myself. To explore myself and do things on my own. To spend as much time as possible over coming my fears, reaching my dreams, putting myself in uncomftable situations and re-building my confidence. 

Now I know this goal will carry on after the summer ends because there is a lot I need to do to get myself to the top. So here are some tasks for me to do. 

  1. Engage in a conversation with someone I don’t know for 10 minutes or more.
  2. Go to appointments alone.
  3. Compliment 3 random people a day.
  4. Say yes to everything.
  5. Meet new people and become friends.
  6. Face as many fears as possible before summer ends.

I’m going to upload a list of my fears on Sunday but until then, leave a comment telling me what yours are.

A huge thank you goes to Lucy for this amazing post idea and wanting to collab. All links are at the top, make sure you check out her goals for the summer.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. 

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


A ♡


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