50 reasons to exercise

Welcome back to another post. Did you enjoy reading my fears post? If you haven’t read it yet, read it after I give you a very insightful post as to why you should exercise. 

This post isn’t about me telling you, you have to exercise, I mean, to be honest with you, I couldn’t care less if you’re a fitness freak or if you (like me) hate the thought of walking to the shops. Exercise isn’t something I am going to force upon you, it’s simply not my job. The reason I am posting this is because I thought it would be helpful for some of you, and because I need to motivate myself.

Okay now that I have cleared that up, shall we get onto the 50 reasons?

  1. Lifts your mood.
  2. Improves learning ablilites.
  3. Builds self esteem.
  4. Keeps your brain fit.
  5. Keeps you body fit and able.
  6. Boosts mental health.
  7. Boots your immune system.
  8. Reduces stress.
  9. Makes you feel happier.
  10. Has anti-againg effects.
  11. Improves skin tone and colour.
  12. Improves sleeping patterns.
  13. Helps prevent strokes.
  14. Improves joint functions.
  15. Improves muscle strength.
  16. Alleviates anxiety.
  17. Sharpens memory.
  18. Helps to control addictions.
  19. Boots productivity.
  20. Improves body image.
  21. Boots creative thinking.
  22. Gives you confidence.
  23. Helps you stay focused
  24. Improves eating habits
  25. Increase longevity
  26. Strengthens your bones.
  27. Strengthens your heart.
  28. Improves posture.
  29. Prevents colds.
  30. Improves appetite
  31. Improves cholesterol levels.
  32. Lowers risk of certain cancers.
  33. Lowers high blood pressure.
  34. Lowers risk of diabetes.
  35. Fights dementia.
  36. Eases back pain.
  37. Decreases osteoporosis risk.
  38. Reduces feelings of depression.
  39. Prevents muscle loss.
  40. Increaces energy and endurance.
  41. Increases sports performance.
  42. Increases pain resistance.
  43. Improves balance and coordination.
  44. Improves oxygen supply to cells.
  45. Improves concentration.
  46. Helps with self control.
  47. Lessens fatigue.
  48. Increases sex drive and satisfaction.
  49. Makes life more exciting.
  50. Improves quality of life.

So those are 50 reasons. Now half of that list doesn’t apply to me, so in addition to those 50 I am going to tell you why I exercise.

  1. To improve my strength.
  2. To feel happier.
  3. To tone my body.
  4. To improve my mood.
  5. To make me feel confident.
  6. To make me feel like I achieved something.
  7. To feel healthy.
  8. To prove that I can do it.

If you’re going to exercise, make sure you’re doing it safely and for the right reasons. 


That is all guys. Thank you for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed my double upload sunday. Be sure to come back tomorrow to read my review on Darcy Mae UK. 

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


Alanna x


6 thoughts on “50 reasons to exercise

  1. Thanks for the motivation and encouragement!
    I love exercising because it makes me feel healthier and fitter but also makes my skin look amazing 😉!

    Liked by 1 person

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