My fears

Happy Sunday, I hope you’ve all had the chance to rest. For most of you tomorrow is officially the first day of summer break, but for the rest of you, you don’t have too long left, just hang in there.

On Friday I did a collab post with Lucy and I spoke about what my main summer goal was, all I really wanted to do was improve on myself. To do that I wanted to face some of my fears, not all of them in one go, but I want to be able to eventually say that I did it, I faced all my fears and that I now don’t have any. I thought it would be a good post idea if I shared my fears with you, maybe we share the same, maybe you think I’m absolutely bonkers. It would be great if you commented your fears below, we could all swap tips on how to overcome them.

Let’s get started…

  1. Moths. I hate the way they fly at you, and the fact that they are huge.
  2. Heights. I’m  a real cry baby, I worry that I’ll fall and hurt myself.
  3. Spiders. They genuinely look as if they want to kill me.
  4. Flying. I have never had to fly, but I watch the news and see all those things about planes being shot down or crashing ect and I worry that it will happen to me.
  5. Speaking in public. I hate being the centre of attention at the best of times, but I always worry that I will say the wrong thing and look like a total fool.
  6. Needles. Do I really need to elaborate on this? They hurt so bad, its worse for me because I get injected/stabbed by them all the time.
  7. Clowns. Have you seen the trailer for IT? Yes that clown is scary af! Most clowns turn out to be serial killers, so it’s a no go for me.
  8. Older men/boys. This is such a stupid one but I find it hard to trust boys that are older then me because I worry that they are going to do the same thing as the person who assaulted me.
  9. Not being able to have children. Again coming from an eighteen year old who still hasn’t  had sex, this is an odd one, but I feel as though most girls have this fear. Maybe I’m just weird.
  10. Disappointing people. I always fear that I am letting someone own and that they will hate me for it. I’m way too much of a people pleaser so this would kill me.

My list isn’t too long, but I feel as though I have a valid reason for fearing them, like I’m not scared of the dark or of dying like most people, so I am giving myself some brownie points for that. Are you scared of any of these things? Honestly no-one is going to judge you, you’re all probably judging me but that’s fine, I have some major problems.

I hope you enjoyed reading and getting to know that I am far from normal. Come back at 6pm if you want to know 50 reasons why  you should exercise.

Have a great afternoon.

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


A x


7 thoughts on “My fears

  1. Interesting read! I hate spiders too, arachnophobia is what they call it, and I have it! Otherwise I haven’t got any fears. I don’t mind heights, and I love flying! The whole not being able to have babies thing doesn’t worry me because I don’t want children anyway, but I can see how it might worry you if you wanted them x

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