Money Saving tips


I hope you have all had an amazing Saturday. As I am typing this I am realising I should have uploaded this earlier, I could have saved some of you party animals some money. But for those of you who are underage or don’t like drinking like me, I hope these tips come in useful. 


  1. Save for something – Work out what you want to save for. There is no point putting money away if you don’t know what its going to be used for because it you will just spend it.
  2. Money jar – Have somewhere to put your money. You can buy jars that have a lock on them, which should stop your temptation. Or you can get those tin pots that you have to undo with a tin opener.
  3. Save little but frequent – Everytime you get a pound put it in your jar, that way you’ll save frequently because pounds are given very often. If a pound isn’t enough, put away all your £5 notes or £10 notes, whichever one you wont desperatly need.
  4. Keep your eye on the prize – Keep in your mind that if you take the money you’ve saved, you’re setting yourself back, you’re making it harder for yourself to reach your dreams.
  5. Get a trusted person to look after the money – If you can’t trust yourself, every month give the money to your friend and get them to keep it in an envolope until you have reached your goal.
  6. Pros and cons for spending it – Is what you’re about to buy worth breaking your savings? A night out on the town is a no, but paying bills is a yes, just use your common sense and use it the way you see fit.

Those are my tips for saving money, well those are the ones I go by anyway. If you have any other tips, share them in the comments. Sharing is caring.

Have a great night

Stay safe, stay happy and don’t do anything that will get you in trouble.


Alanna x


12 thoughts on “Money Saving tips

  1. Girl I’ve came across this post at the perfect time haha! I used to be really good at saving up and because now I’ve spent a lot of money on summer it’s going to be a struggle earning it all back! So glad I stumbled upon your blog btw – I love it! 💕💕

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