Beach cover ups


Happy Wednesday, todays weather is meant to be semi-warm so I thought it would be a great opportunity to show you my favourite beach cover ups. I am spending my time online shopping waiting for the sun to shine so I can take my new swimwear and my beach cover up and hit the sand. Please send me your great holiday weather! I so need it right now.

Although right now I am working so I can not sit there and dream of the beach, I think I will make you picture my visions for me. You’re welcome.

The first gorgeous cover up is from the only place that I seem to shop at. The good trusted New Look. It’s on sale which is a bonus because who doesn’t love saving, I think I will forever be known as the discount girl, that could be a great blog name for the future, so don’t steal it. It is a gorgeous Coral Floral print kimono. It is currently £14 instead of £19.99.

My second favourite shop/store is Boohoo. I have a few favourite cover ups from here, so get your shopping bags ready. Okay so my first one is a very cute crochet trim beach kimono which you can get in white, black or my favourite, light pink. The detailing makes it that little more loveable. You’ll probably want to add all three colours to your basket because they are only £12 each. Isn’t that amazing?

My second cover up from Boohoo is more of an in your face type of style. It is still absolutely gorgeous though. It is the Tropical pom pom beach dress. The colour of the dress is going to make you look like the hottest chick on the beach. It’s at a very reasonable price too of only £16.

My third favourite is something that I am just going to have to buy, I can’t resist it much longer. It is the stunning ombre maxi kaftan. The colours are yellow and blue and it’s so dreamy! Just look at how beautifully the managed to get the yellow to fit into the blue. If this doesn’t scream summer then I am not sure what will. I mean, what more could you want? It’s only £18 too so go find a matching bikini and make me jealous!

My final favourite cover up is not from Boohoo but instead from a slightly pricier shop. Yes I am talking about Monsoon. I have found the most amazing kaftan. It is red and white, with a very cool print on it. I believe it is called Coco print kaftan. Now I did warn you that Monsoon is a quite expensive store, so don’t be too shocked when you find that this kaftan will cost you £45.

Well that is it. My favourite beach cover ups. Let me know what your favourite one was in the comments and I will reply after work. I hope you have an amazing morning and I look forward to seeing you all again tonight.

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


Alanna x


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