A successful shop


How are you? How has your Thursday been? Today has been a very successful day for me, so to keep my mood light and happy, I thought I would share with you my recent purchases. I will do my best to name where I got them.

Lets start with Peacocks.

I brought these two for £14 each. They are meant for bed, but I quite often wear them about. They are so comftable, the bra section is very supportive and just feels like your average bra, just without all the clips at the back. It has some detailing on it then the rest is see through. They are very cute.

Next up is Superdrug. In here I brought two boxes of fake nails and a very frest body mist. It is so…? Fruity and I love it.

Next we have New Look. This is where I picked up a water bottle and some sunglasses. Both are obviously a must have. The bottle is currently down stairs so I haven’t got a picture of it. But of course I took a picture of my sunnies.

After that I hit up the factory shop where I brought yet more clothes. I brought a black and white slit dress, then I got the same dress just in reverse colours. Sticking to my true self, I had to buy a black top. It is one that you bow at the bottom and it has an orange pattern on it, so I am reaching slightly from my comfort zone.

Next up we have Amazon. During their Prime day deal, I forced myself to purchase a laptop because every successful blogger needs a laptop, right? So I saved myself £70 on a wonderful deal.

I then hit up Groupon and ordered myself some mascara seeing as mine just grows legs and starts walking. It was a random deal, so I ended up with these two.

After purchasing some mascara I went and ordered my very first Saint London watch. It was part of a deal for working with them. (Don’t forget you can use my code IMAGALAXYGIRLBLOG to get 20%.) I am tempted to purchase another one because they have some new gorgeous additions.

To add to my watch I needed some glasses, so I partnered up with Darcy mae UK and brought some gorgeous gold glasses. I have a code for them too ALANNA10 and they have some new clothing items on their site.

To finish my shopping Boohoo became my best friend. I wanted to buy everything but I settled with just buying this gorgeous pink t shirt style dress.

Isn’t it cute?


That is all guys. I have definitely broke the bank, so I will be living off beans on toast for a while, but I love all of my purchases. I’m even considering another shopping spree soon.

Let me know what your top 5 purchases have been recently. Is there anything you think I should purchase? Just comment it below. I’ll see you tomorrow for my morning skin care routine.

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


A x


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