Just Eat: Wingos review


How are you? I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I was in such a positive zone and I just spent the day feeling great, so I decided not to do anything that would stress me out and trust me, blogging on a very slow computer stresses me out. But, I am back now, with two posts because I have a schedule that I really do not want to break. Besides, tonight’s post is an extra special one.

The other day, I decided to download the famous Just eat app and see what the hype was all about. I ordered an Indian for my mum and dad. The prices were very reasonable, the delivery was okay, I mean the man got lost because my address doesn’t come up on the sat-nav or google maps for that matter, so technically I shouldn’t complain. Anyway, because they seemed to enjoy their food, on Friday after I got home, I was too lazy to go and find something to cook. So I decided to order from Wingos.

I ordered a Peri Peri chicken wrap, 10 onion rings, potato wedges, chocolate fudge cake, hanky panky chocolate cream pie and a 1.5L bottle of Fanta. This came to £17.42. I had to pay a £2.50 delivery fee and a 50p charge for paying by card. After all that I payed £20.42. I am very impressed with the price to be honest. Now, to be review the food.

The wrap was about the size of my hand, it was huge and full of amazing goodness. The chicken was amazing, a little hot because obviously Peri Peri is naturally hot. The wrap was literally so filling, I almost gave up eating it. I had to take out the cucumber but that’s only because it sets of my acid. The lettuce was just right and the sauce, I don’t know what it was but my god, it was the best most creamy sauce I have ever tasted. The onion rings were blooming huge too, and so good. The wedges took me back to my childhood, they had some sort of taste to them which made them a little hot, but it reminded me on the type I use to eat with my turkey dinosaurs. After eating this I was too full to eat the cake, so I saved them for Saturday morning.

Before I started my jobs on Saturday, I decided to eat the chocolate fudge cake for my breakfast, not very healthy I know, but honestly I don’t care, I burnt it all off anyway. The cake wasn’t the nicest, but surprisingly I have always struggle to eat chocolate cake because its too sweet. The cake it’s self was very moist and it wasn’t that bad, but the chocolate fudge was over powering and a little sickly. This isn’t by any means a reflection on Wingos itself, it’s literally because my body was so use to getting shit put into it, that now, certain things my body rejects. Perks of being fat haha. The hanky panky pie, was amazing though! Even my cat enjoyed it.

Overall I think I will be rebuying from Wingos, they managed to find the address okay, the young lad who dropped the food off was very polite and the food was beyond what I expected. Wingos should be very happy with themselves for creating such a wonderful place.

That is guys, I have to go now and carry on with this very special day. I hope I will see you all at 8pm tonight. I hope you have a wonderful evening.

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


A x


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