My August goals


How are you? We have done it! We are now into our 8th month. Only 4 more left guys. How do you feel? We are now in the swing of summer and the weather is being very kind to us. Let’s carry on celebrating.

August is never an overly exciting month for me. I don’t go on holidays, we hardly go on family trips out and to be quite honest, the highlight of my summer is usually seeing my ex. The thing with me is, I am a boring person, but I am also a difficult person. I can’t go out and spend the day in the sun because chances are I’ll have a seizure and end up in a hospital bed. I’m not allowed out on my own when its hot, so there goes any chill time, I’m not allowed out for more then 4 hours, because my body become too exhausted and then guess what… I seizure. So yeah, summer is not really the greatest time for me.

You know me though, I like to make the most of things. So I have decided to come up with some goals that will hopefully keep me busy, a semi interesting person and will also make my summer fun.

My goals

  1. Do a lot more photography. I have kind of negelcted this. I have focused so much on blog writing, on reading and keeping my friends happy, that I haven’t taken the time to enjoy things I like.
  2. Adventures. There are so many fields at the back of my house, well there was but now they are building on them, but the fields that are left, lead onto different places. I’m going to spend a whole day just exploring where I live, taking pictures and vlogging.
  3. Make more effort with those I have neglected. I have focused way too much time on people who do nothing but lie and backstab in return. I guess this all part of growing up. This year, I was able to meet someone and he was absolutely amazing, but then I kind of neglected him, so now I want to put that right (I know you read my blog so if you see this, I am sorry for the way left things.)
  4. Artsy. I use to adore art, I once painted the little mermaid onto a canvas. After a while, I just lost interest, so I want to get back into it, just for fun.
  5. Creative writing. I was three weeks away from sitting my exam at school for this course, so after they kicked me out, I gave up. I love writing short stories and poems, and I was in the middle of writing a story about my assult as a piece of coursework. I plan on finishing that that or at least be close to finishing it.
  6. Savings. I took my savings in order to host a giveaway in celebration of reaching 500 followers. I had saved £45 which isnt a lot, but that is all I can afford to set aside when I get £70 a month and bills have to be payed. So this month, I want to try and set aside £30 in order to actually afford my move.
  7. Diet. I am losing weight which I am so happy about, but I have to start changing the way I eat. I always skip breakfast, which is the worst thing to do, I eat a small lunch which is okay, but I eat a huge dinner with either no snacks during the day or chocolate and biscuits as a snack. I have to start portionaning my food, eating the correct things at the correct time and start avoiding all the crappy stuff.
  8. Leave my comfort zone. I need to stop thinking about the worst possible outcome and just start doing things. I can’t be afraid of them forever, so I am just going to force myself to do them.


That is it for my goals, we all know that I will achieve about three of them, but what three?

What are your goals for this month? Are you good at sticking to them?

Have a wonderful evening.

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


Alanna x


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