My Summer giveaway


Welcome back to another post. I hope you enjoyed reading my August goals post, if you haven’t seen it yet, after you’ve read this post, check it out.

I did a spare of the moment giveaway announcement to celebrate us hitting 500 “galaxians” – not a real word I don’t think but hey, thats what our little family is called now.

Only three people are entered so at this rate, I’m going to send a gift to all three of them. Now I know most of you don’t actually read my posts, you just give it a like, but for those of you who actually click on this and are reading right now, the rules are so simple.

Rule one: Must be from the UK

Rule two: Must be following my blog

Rule three: Must comment “I’m enetering your giveaway. I follow your blog (enter reason here).”

Now following the first two rules gets your name added to the wheel twice. You will not be entered if you do not follow these rules, so get commenting.

Extra points

So currently Najida, Emma and Lucy are the only three entered in the give away, because they did these two extra things, their name has been added to the wheel four times. Yes four! This has made their chances very high, don’t you think?

So if you want to be added to the wheel four times, do these for extra points

  1. Follow my instagram: @imagalaxygirlblog
  2. Follow my twitter: @galaxygirlblog

I have decided that if you don’t have twitter then you can add my snapchat @alannahollamby, just send me a message to say you came from my blog.

The prizes

Now the great part. The prizes. There will be two winners so yay for you guys.

Winner one:

  • A bow necklace (picture after this list
  • A beauty box: hair products, skin products, bath/shower products.
  • A box of chocolate.
  • A hand written thank you card.

Winner two:

  • A beauty box: hair products, skin products, bath/shower products.
  • A box of chocolate.
  • A hand written thank you card.

Now the prizes to some of you might seem a little crappy, well I know this is a thought because you took the time out to message me that (thanks babes!) But I am not made of money, and this isn’t ever going to be a place where I giveaway high end products. All items purchased has been done with my savings so, you can enter or you can miss out.

My non UK followers

Fear not guys! I have something planned for you around Christmas time! You will not be forgotten, so stick around for the next couple of months to see what you can win.

Rules recap

  1. Be from the UK
  2. Follow my blog
  3. Comment why you follow my blog
  4. Follow my instagram
  5. Follow my twitter or snapchat

It is as simple as that! So get following and get typing! I hope to add some more of you to the lucky wheel.

The winner will be announced on the 31st of August


Any questions just leave them below and I will respond ASAP.

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


A x


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