WWDML: Beach trips


Welcome back to another Wednesdays walk down memory lane. In the true spirit of this “summer” that we are apparently experiencing, I thought it would be a great time to share my memories of trips to the beach. I’m not going to share stories of the ones that were boring, so I have picked two. One being the first time I swam and thought I was a mermaid, then second story of when we literally stayed for 15 minutes before we had to leave.

I’ll start with the 15 minute stay first.

Now for me to get to a beach, it takes about an hour and a half maybe two hours depending on the traffic, so I don’t go very often. One time we decided to go and we took my nan with us. The journey there was great, we had the music going, we were all singing and messing around, something that my family doesn’t do often. My nan saw an old man riding his bike so decided to shout “hey sexy” out the window. I was absolutely mortified because we was stuck in traffic.

We got to the beach, finally found a parking space and after the boys having to go for a pee, we managed to actually make our way to the sound of the waves. It was around 1 that we arrived so we decided to go get lunch before we head to the sand. So my nan went off to get us the classic fish and chips (sausage and chips for me because I hate fish). So we ate our food while being attacked my the seagulls. As we started heading towards the sand, my nan said she didnt feel well and rushed off to the toilet. Five minutes later, after us children had ran off to play, we were called back because we had to go home.

Turns out my nan had been given the wrong food and then it didn’t agree with her. We had to pull over everytime there was a pub or resturant, while being ill, she was still in high spirits and managed to flirt with some bikers. I’m almost certain she thinks she can be a biker chick.

We learnt our lesson though, 1) not to trust my nans choice of food and 2) not to take her with us.


This story is about the first time I learnt to swim and the fact I thought I was a mermaid. Don’t worry, this wasn’t recent. It was way back when I was friends with this girl, I’m going to call her Kay. We were literally best friends and we couldn’t do anything without eachother. One day my mum decided we were going to go to the beach so I had to ask if she could go with us. My mum at the time, would never say no to Kay, so this worked in my advantage.

The whole way to the beach we were excited, we just would not shut up. When we arrived we were the first ones out the car and running down to the sand. We had our swimsuits on under our clothes so we could swim if the water was warm enough.

We built some pretty cool sand castles, collected shells and ran into the waves. We then decided that Kay should teach me how to swim. So we layed down in the shallowest part, rested our weight on our elbows and waited for the waves to come. We didn’t move very far, and technically we wasn’t swimming, but that was a huge achievement for us. We did it front ways and back ways, drank a lot of the salty water, almost choked on a stone but we eventually managed to try the “frogs leg” swimming technique.

Me being the special person I am, I couldn’t quite kick my legs out enough to move, so I went with how the mermaid do it. Just flap your legs up and down while moving your arms. Suprisingly I actually “swam” a little, although now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure it was just the wave, but yeah, thats how I thought I was a mermaid.

We stayed at the beach for roughly 4 hours but then we were getting cold so we got changed into clean clothes, wrapped ourselves into towels and jumped into the car.

The next thing I remember is waking up when we arrived home. My mum had taken a picture of us in the car because at first Kay and I had fallen asleep on eachother then the next time she looked around, we were all asleep. I would post the picture but obviously Kay is in it and I don’t want any pictures of her on my blog considering we are no longer friends.


That is the end of my beach stories, sorry that they aren’t mega interesting. Hopefully I can go to the beach this half term, if I do I will vlog it

Have you got any beach stories to share? Let me know in the comments.

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


A ♡


3 thoughts on “WWDML: Beach trips

  1. I’ve got quite a funny beach story to share, but I bet it’s one lots of people have experienced😂
    So it was nice and sunny as my mum, brother and I were walking along the beach in Hastings. It was lunch time so we decided to find somewhere to eat. And obviously, if you’re by the beach you’re most likely to get some fish and chips. So we all got ours, sat on a bench and started to eat. And then all of a sudden a hugeeee seagull swooped down and grabbed my mum’s fish and few off. And that was scary af😂 After that we ate indoors, and the people at the fish and chips place gave my mum another fresh meal for free😂

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    1. 😂 I hear about this all the time, but thankfully it has never happend to me. Last week my boyfriend decided to buy two pieces of fish so he could give one to the seagulls so they would leave his one alone 🙈

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