What makes me happy?


Happy Friday!! How are you celebrating the end of the week? I am spending it planning a party and eating junk food all day. Yay me!

Last night I was reading Liv’s post and I loved it. Not only did her answers make me smile, but I loved the whole idea of it. So I stole her idea. But, before I start with the actual post, please go and check Liv’s out, give her a follow if you don’t already, and spread some love across her account.

What makes me happy?

5 Things That Make Me Happy (other than the people I love)

  • Blogging
  • Reading
  • My cats
  • Ice cream
  • My bed

5 Songs That Make Me Happy

5 Places That Make Me Happy

  • My bed
  • In the car with my friends
  • In the meadow
  • At my nans
  • Anywhere a book takes me


That is the end of the “tag”. Again go and check out Liv’s post. Thank you for giving me some post inspo.

Thank you for reading. Let me know in the comments what makes you happy.

I’ll see you all again at 9 tonight for a rather tasty post.

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


Alanna x


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