Water infusions


Welcome back to the final post of today. I hope you have all had an amazing day, for those of you who are not spending their saturday clubbing, come chat in the comments, i’ll be here all night.

Tonight I am bringing a healthy post. From my mint chocolate chip ice cream shorties post this morning, this post may seem a little dull to you.

Summer comes and everybody seems to forget that water exists. It’s all about those Costa smoothies, those Starbucks coffees or those McDonalds McFlurries. If its not them, then it’s pints of beer, shots of vodka, a little bit of everything in one cup, or “whatever mate, I don’t mind”. See none of that is a fresh bottle of water.

I know why. Water is dull. It has no flavour and lets be real, it doesnt make a great instagram photo. Luckily for you, I know how to get those great shots, and make your water tatse good.

Try these

1. Blueberry, apple and raspberry

2. Orange, strawberry, cranberry

3. Lemon, orange, mint

4. Pineapple, mango, pomegrante

5. Grape, raspberry

6. Strawberry, mint

7. Watermelon, kiwi

8. Raspberry, blackberry

9. Orange, lemon and lime

10. Pineapple, mango

There all the ideas I have. Have you tried any of these? Would you like to try some of them? I always find it best to mix it up and find what compliments the other. Besides, it adds that little extra to your boring, bland tasting water.


That is it for tonights post. Thank you for reading. I hope you all enjoy your night.

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


A ♡


6 thoughts on “Water infusions

  1. I had some really good cucumber infused water at a baby shower before. I was actually surprised just how much I enjoyed it. 🙂 You have some great flavor combos here I’d love to try some time. Especially the Pineapple, mango, pomegrante one! Yum! Thanks for sharing. 😀

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