Picnic date


Welcome back to another post. I thought I would upload this post now instead of tonight because it’s lunchtime in an hour, so I am giving you some time to either plan a spontaneous picnic date for lunch or for dinner tonight, so you either have an hour to get creative or you have at least seven hours to plan a picnic date for tonight.


Okay first things first you need to work out what you’re planning on having. I would have small nibbles with plenty of fruit to pick from. You don’t to be totally out there and have smoked salmon on crackers because come on, its a picnic not some fancy dinner. You want little finger foods such as scotch eggs and sausage rolls. If you were doing this for me, I’m begging you to bring pizza instead. Fruit is always the safest, most rewarding option. You can buy fruit pots and just claim that you made them, or buy the fruit and cut it while you’re with each other. It works just the same.

Drinks are a lot easier. You either get some fizzy drinks Coca-Cola or lemonade is always a high attender. You could have the cheeky alcoholic drink too, if you are having a lot of berries, try a white wine instead of red/rosè. Try a Prosecco if you’ve only got a few bits of fruit. A glass of prosecco with a strawberry in it is always a treat. My favourite drink though is either Echo Falls Summer Berries or cranberry juice and lemonade mixed together. However, if you are more of a soft drinker, then I recommend orange juice, apple juice, mango juice, apple and mango, pineapple and mango, flavoured water and just plain water. I don’t recommend cranberry juice because on its own it is very dry.

The scene

You can’t just set up a picnic anywhere, well you can but not when it’s a date. Find somewhere cute, like by a river or under some apple trees, in the middle of a meadow or even at the beach. Don’t sit in the middle of a field where dogs are racing towards you, or a place with screaming children, a place that is full of flies or a place that looks like crap, if it is a date, these things will put them off sitting down and eating. Just think of the cleanliness and the space first, okay?


Be casual, but not tracksuit casual. You want to look chilled and relaxed, not like you’ve just hit the gym. You don’t have to wear a suit either, I mean think of all those creases you’ll put in it. Suits are more business wear and trust me you don’t want this to be a formal thing. Just put on some clean jeans and a white polo, you’ll look good. As for girls, please do not wear something provocative. You are on a date so remain classy, I don’t want to see you in shorts that are being eaten by your rear end, I don’t want to see your underwear either when you bend over in a skirt or dress. As for boobs, it’s okay to let them breathe, but not in something that passes off as a bra. A V neck top is a lot more flattering then having them hanging out.


Now is not the time for serious conversations, unless you’re about to propose then crack on. Honestly your best option is to keep the conversation light, pull out those dodgey jokes that you find on the bottom of a penguin chocolate bar and just keep the smiles and laughter going. Mess around, compliment each other, be cheesy. Make it the date you will never forget.

That’s it. That is all I have for your picnic date, I am free if anyone wants to take me on one, I’m not too fussy. I have left plenty of hints in the post so I’m sure we could make this work. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, I had fun writing it. Let me know if you have ever been on a picnic date or if you want to go on one. I’ll be back again tonight at 6pm with a tag post, so come back and check in.

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


A x

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