The perfectly imperfect tag


I am back for my final post today. If you have missed my last two click here and here. For the final post of the night I thought I would finish off with the perfectly imperfect tag, I was nominated by fun fashion freedom click the link to check out their blog, as always make sure you follow and like/comment on a few posts.

Okay lets jump straight into this.

The rules:

  1. Copy/paste the image of the tag in your post.
  2. Share a blurb of the creator of the tag.
  3. Give a shout out to the person who nominated you
  4. Talk about what your strengths are, and what you love about yourself. These can range from anything positive about you, or your future aspirations and goals.
  5. Who/what are you inspired by and how do you want to make a difference?
  6. Advice to those who struggle to love themselves and those who doubt themselves?
  7. Nominate bloggers!

The creator:

All I know is your name is Aqsa. I’m sorry I don’t know what your blog is. If you happen to find this though, I’d love to follow you!

My strengths

I love how I always brush off the dirt when I fall. I get back up and carry on as if nothing happened. Sometimes I am thrown unexpectedly onto a new path and I just get on with it. I also love how I am able to stand up for what I believe in without being scared to state my opinion. I proved that in this post.

What I love about myself

I love my eyes.

I love my imagination.

I love my writing talent.

I love the way I look.

I love my love for books.

I love how I always try to put others first.

I love how open I am.

I love that I am a kick-ass positive person.

Who inspires me?

My mum obviously is one of them, she takes on everyone else’s problems, deals with her own and still makes time for her 5 children.

My dad is also an inspiration, he is just so loving and just always that person you can turn to and I want to be that.

What inspires me?

My journey through life is my inspiration. I don’t want to look back in say 10 years time and remember all the dark gloomy times, I want to look back and see the bright lights. Other peoples blog is also my inspiration, I look at them and see how amazing and unique they are and that is why I push on to do better.

How I want to make a difference

I want to be someone that people feel comfortable enough to speak to about anything. I want to be able to stop people from self harming/committing suicide. I want to help people love themselves. I just want to be that person that makes an impact on someone to help them with hard times.

Advice for those who need it.

To be beautiful means to be yourself, you don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.

Take time to figure who you are out. Stop rushing to fit in with the crowds, the people who stick out, don’t stick out because they’re weird, it’s because they are strong enough to be there own person.

You may not love yourself today, tomorrow, next week, next month or even next year, but keep going. One day you’ll look back and see that you have always been the definition of beautiful.


I nominate everyone because this is such an important and well thought out tag and every single one of you should remind yourself of why you love yourself.

That is it. Thank you for sticking around. I know three posts is a lot, but hopefully I will catch up soon. I hope you enjoyed this tag, make sure you link me to your post so I can read it.

Have a wonderful night,

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


Alanna ♡

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