Screw it, final goodbyes


So I’ve changed my mind again. What a suprise that is. I know I said I would do three posts these last two months, but honestly, I don’t want too. So here is everything I need to say.

First of, my goals. Completely smashed them! I feel so ill now though but I did it!! I kind of went overboard, stressed myself out, pushed myself too hard and made my head a little crazy to be in, but I’m back on the other side now. Just recovering from an awful chest infection cold type thing.

I created this blog in March 2015, and I can tell you, I have loved every second of it. Through all of my ups and many downs I have shared on here, I have made some incredible life long internet friends. Some, I want to meet in real life and spoil the hell out of them! 

This blog has been my little safe haven. My place where I have been able to grow and never be put down for expressing myself. Each and every one of you mean so much to me in very different ways. Some of you were my very first supporters, some of you are the ones who are bold enough to give me constructive feedback, without wanting to hurt my feelings. Some of you are my little cheerleaders, always pushing me forward, always there to motivate me when I need a kick up the ass and the ones I can cry too if I need too. And all of you, yes all 600+ of you are my family. Without you, this new beginging wouldn’t be possible.

I have had so many amazing opportunities while running this blog, I mean I worked with Clinique for god sake! Never in my life would I have thought that was possible! I have worked with other amazing brands such as propercorn ( who I am still totally obsessed with! Lightly sea salted all the way!!), Toddlebike2 (who have made my cousins playtime so much better!), Malki Dead sea minerals (the one company who has made my skin amazing!) Saint London, (who have georgeous watches ((use my discount code IMAGALAXYGIRLBLOG for 20% off!) And many more. 

I’m not going to lie, writing and uploading everyday, sometimes more than once was a struggle, I did rush some content but others on here are my pride and joy. This blog has over 30k views and that is insane! 

I have literally grown up infront of your eyes, I’ve gone from a shy little girl who was afraid of the world, to a girl who has opened herself up to the galaxy and has finally accepted who she is. (Hence why I have stuck with the galaxygirl name). 

I do love and appreciate every one of you, because lets face it, without you, I would still be that shy girl who is too afraid to stand up for what she believes in. 

This new blog and YouTube is going to the best new journey I can take. I have already had my fair share of cries and tantrams over them both, so you know that they are going to be good. If you want to join the team, be a part of the new journey I am taking, then click here to subscribe to my brand new YouTube channel, here to follow my new blog, here to follow my Twitter (leaving hints every day up until the release date!) and here to check out my Instagram. That’s all the links you need right now. 

Thank you for the best years of my life, thank you for the valuable lessons you have all taught me and thank you for being such amazing, supportive friends. Love to every one of you, I wish you all the luck for the future. Dream big and reach for those stars because you will soon reach them!

Love you all!


November goals


How are you? I need to address something before I carry on with my post. A few of you have noticed a name change on my social media. You are very observant. I have created a new blog. Yes, you read that right. It would be amazing if you could all head over and follow me. That new blog will have it’s first ever post on January 1st 2018! Natalie had messaged me some words of widsom and she was right, I shouldn’t delete everything, because I did work my arse off on my content. So, instead of deleting everything, I am keeping this blog. It just wont be used anymore. My new blog is please head over and follow me. Share this on your Twitter and Instagram too! Help me reach at least 200 followers before I begin.


Okay, so now that that is done, I want to share with you my November goals.

  • Go to bed before 3am – I have been going to sleep around 3am and then not waking up till gone 12! That’s really not healthy, so my aim to sleep at a normal time.
  • Wake up before 12pm – Obviously! Hopefully I can get my body into the routine of waking up at 8am. 
  • Lose some weight – I have been doing so well at this, then after my little wobble, I gained 2 pounds. Now, that isn’t much at all, but I need to loose it and some more too.
  • Get a minimum of 200 followers on my new blog – This blog has over 600 followers and every single one of you are amazing! But I know that realistically, not everyone will follow my new blog. But I am hoping that 200 out of 600+ still want to follow my journey.
  • Do more photography – I’m not sure when I neglected it, but I want to go out and get some new shots. I love uploading them to my photography Instagram page.


Well, that is it. Those are my goals! I will update you on these at the end of the month. Again, here is the link to my new blog I hope to see you all over there!

Lots of love and I will see you soon.

Alanna x


Halloween costume ideas


How are you? I hope you have had a rather relaxing day. Today I thought I would bring you some costume inspiration. Halloween is coming up, and I know that so many of you are a lot better at organising things then I am, so I thought if I post this now, it might remind me to get my costume ready.

So here is my list of Halloween costumes:

  • Snow Queen
  • Werewolf
  • Ghost
  • Clown
  • Unicorn
  • Evil Queen
  • Vampire
  • Dead girl/dead bride
  • Animal (cat)
  • Alien Princess
  • Mermaid
  • Fairy
  • Skeleton
  • Cyclops
  • Dragon
  • Devil
  • Angel
  • Movie Character (Wednesday Addams)
  • Enchantress
  • Power Ranger (squad goals!)
  • Cleopatra
  • Supergirl
  • Thief
  • Witch
  • Scarecrow
  • Pirate
  • Riverdale Vixens
  • Sandy (Grease)

    That’s all I have suggestion wise. Let me know in the comments what you’re dressing up as. If you’re planning to celebrate Halloween, whether that be by having a party or going trick or treating, stay safe, and make sure you act responsible.

    Thank you for reading,

    Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


    A x

    My 5 favourite Halloween make-up tutorials


    Welcome back to another Halloween themed post. As you can tell, Halloween is coming round the corner quite quickly, most people are jumping on the Hallow-themed posts so I am going to apologise in advance if you have seen this type of post before.

    Today I thought it would be cool it so show you my top 5 Halloween make-up tutorial videos I love. There are hundreds of thousands of tutorials out there, but I have picked my top favourite five for you. If you have your own YouTube channel and you have uploaded a make-up tutorial, leave a link below and I will check it out.


    2.Emma Cervin: Creepy Clown Girl | Halloween Makeup Tutorial


    4. Kayleigh Noelle: POISON IVY HALLOWEEN Makeup Tutorial!+DIY COSTUME & Hair!


    Well that is all five. Which one if your favourite? Will you try any of these out? Let me know what you’re dressing up as this Halloween.

    Thank you for reading, come back in half an hour for another post.

    Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


    A x

    My favourite Halloween movies


    We’re getting there! I can almost start uploading my Christmas themed posts. For now though, I am spending my time buzzing for my Halloween party. Decorations are being brought, food is in the freezer, drinks well, I’m saving that for last otherwise they’ll be gone. Would you like a post on my party or would you rather I do something else? 

    Anyway, today I am sharing my favourite Halloween movies. Hopefully you’ll see some of yours, if not, comment them below so others can check them out.

    Hocus Pocus

    Of course this is my number one film, I don’t think anything will ever beat this. Here is a little background of the film just incase you’ve never heard of it.

    1693 Thackery Binx is transformed into an immortal cat by three witches on Halloween night after they try to take away Thackery’s sisters youth. The witch leave a spell before being killed, they promise to come back when a virgin lights up the haunted candle on Halloween night. 300 years later, a teenage boy, Max, his friend Allison and his little sister Dani light it up bringing the witches back. Max, Allison and Dani have to get rid of the witches before they steal the youth of every kid in town.


    Who doesn’t love Casper? He is the friendliest ghost after all. It’s such a light hearted film and a must watch in my opinion.

    Casper is a friendly ghost who falls in love with a teenage girl, Kat, who starts living in the haunted house with her father. Thier relationship isn’t easy seeing as Casper’s uncles (also ghosts) tries to scare them away. Kat doesn’t have many friends because of her travelling with her dad, but she becomes popular in Maine because of the house. Kat notices that Casper doesn’t remember his life and death so she helps him bring his memories back.

    Hotel Transylvania

    Honestly this is such a good family film to watch. My family love it, even my dad sits with us and watches it. It’s just a fun film and the best part is, there is a Transylvania two!

    Dracula runs a hotel away from the humans for all of his “monster” friends. He turns super over protective when a mortal boy discovers the hotel and falls in love with his teenage daughter. The story follows his love for his daughter.

    Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children

    I bloody love this! I have seen it twice now and the whole story is amazing. I believe it was a book first so I am 100% adding that to my Christmas wishlist! 

    For years Abraham Portman has told his grandson Jacob about his amazing childhood as a Jew in World War two, battling monsters trying to eat him, and living at a secret home for children in Wales. According to Abe, the homes children and their headmistress Miss Alma Peregrine posses paranormal abilitues and are known as “Peculiars”. Following advice from his psychiatrist and by a secret letter from Miss Peregrine to Abe, Jacob travels to Cairnholm with his father Frank to investigate thr children’s home, where upon he learns that it was destroyed during a Luftwaffe raid. However, he visits the ruined house and finds that the children are there alive and well. They take him through a portal in a cave and he emerges in the year 1943 when the house was still intact and Miss Peregrine greets him and shows him around. 

    Other things happen, which puts the children, Jacob and Miss Peregrine in danger but you’ll have to watch to find out.

    The Addams Family

    Ah what a classic! I am often told I am a copy of Wednesday Addams, which to me is a compliment. I don’t think you can call it Halloween until you’ve seen this film.

    The Addams are a gothic family and they are about to lose their money because of their liar lawyer. They come up with the idea of making Gordon pretend that he is uncle a Fester to get their money back, but things get harder and harder for the peculiar family. 

    Suicide squad

    Okay so it’s not a Halloween film, but it sure is a kick ass one! Sit back with your popcorn and enjoy your “villans” become kick ass “heros”. 

    A secret goverment agency recruits some of the most dangerous super villains to form a defesnive task force. Their first mission is: to save the world from the apocalypse. Do they complete their task?

    Corpse Bride

    I love this film. It’s so good and it melts my heart. The only reason its Halloweeny is because their corpses. If they weren’t it would still be a beautiful story.

    Tim Burton movies for the win! The main character Victor is about to get married to Victoria a beautiful woman, but while practicing his vows, Victor gets really nervous and catches on fire Victoria’s mums dress. He isn’t allowed to marry her until he learns his vows. Finally, he recites his vows correctly, and places his ring of the eternal covenant on a root of the ground resembling a few fingers. Suddenly the “root”, which is actually a human hand, grabs him firmly on the arm and the floor emerges the corpse of a beautiful woman wrapped in a wedding dress. The corpse bride declares that the boy is her husband and this, after receiving the traditional kiss, faints. Victor awakens in a town full of dead, among them the corpse bride, with whom he had accidentally married. Confused and frightened, he demands to be told where he is. The corpses explain that he is in the land of the Dead and tell a story of love and disappointment which explains the reasons for this “strange” marriage.

    And that is it. My favourite Halloween films. What ones have you watched? Which one is your favourite? 

    Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. I will see you again tomorrow with a new fun post.

    Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


    A x

    Autumn tag


    How are you? Today I am bringing you a tag. I have seen so many people do the autumn tag, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon too. So here is a mixture of autumn tags.

    • The smell of pumpkin guts or rotting leaves? Eww haha, rotting leaves I guess.
    •  Sweet or salty pumpkin seeds? – Salty
    • Store bought or pumpkin patch pumpkins? – Both
    • Wool or knit sweaters? – Knit because I’m allergic to pure wool
    • Halloween party or explore haunted places? – I want to do both haha
    • Apple pie or pumpkin pie? – Apple all the way
    • Still, silent nights or rainy, windblown nights? – Rain because it relaxes me
    • Witches or ghosts? – Ghosts
    • Raking leaves or climbing trees? – Climbing trees
    • Ouija boards or ghost stories around a campfire? – Never ever going to mess with an ouija board so ghost stories it is
    • October or November? – November
    • Black cats or owls? – Black cats 
    • Fireplace or candle light? – Both haha. 
    • Monster movies or their classic novels? – You probably already knew my answer to this, but if you didn’t then 100% their novels.
    • Carve or paint pumpkins? – Who paints their pumpkins? Carve all the way
    • What did you dress as for Halloween last year? – Myself
    • What is your favorite Fall food? – I don’t really have a favourite food for this season
    • Do you have any Fall traditions? – Nope, but I’m sure that when I have children, I’ll create some.
    • Do you have any Halloween traditions? – To get drunk! Just kidding! As I have said many times we don’t really do Halloween.
    • What music do you like to listen to during Fall? – My usual music, it doesn’t change
    • Favorite spooky movie? – Its not spooky anymore but the one movie I watch during this time is the good old Hocus Pocus.
    • S’mores or pumpkin pie? – I haven’t had either before so I’m not sure.
    • Hot chocolate or warm apple cider? – Hot chocolate. Thats a winner all year round
    • Do you like Pumpkin Spice Lattes? – I’ll let you know once I’ve tried one.
    • What is your favorite day of the year? – Sounds selfish but my birthday.
    • What is the story behind your URL? – I wanted to “escape” the place I was in so I became a galaxy girl
    • What is the best thing about your town during Fall? – My town doesn’t do anything particularly special, so nothing to be honest.
    • Do you step on crunchy leaves just to hear their crunchy awesomeness? – Erm is it really autumn if you dont do this?
    • Do you like going to the pumpkin patch? – I’ve only been once and yeah it was pretty cool
    • Do you go hiking through the woods during Fall season? – I do this all year round but its super cute in autumn/winer
    • Where do you buy your Fall candles? – Usually the supermarket or garden centre
    • What is your favorite Fall colour? – Burgundy and mustard
    • Favorite tree? – Can’t say I have a favourite tree to be honest
    • Corn maze or haunted maze? – I really want to do both, but haunted maze sounds so much better
    • Are you good at carving pumpkins? – No, I suck at it but thats the whole point
    • Spooky or sweet? – Sweet 
    • Do you enjoy visiting graveyards? – No, who does?
    • What is your favorite Fall memory? – My first time trick or treating
    • What was your best Fall ever? – All of them are pretty great in their own way
    • Gloves or mittens? – Gloves
    • Do you enjoy rain? – Yes
    • If you could spend Fall anywhere, where would you choose? – New York would be pretty cool, like Manhatten or somewhere like that
    • What’s your dream Halloween outfit? – I don’t have one
    • Be honest…are you already stocking up for Fall? – I have nothing to stock up for 
    • Do you enjoy the other seasons? – Yes they each have their own beauty in them
    • How do you plan to spend this Halloween? – I’m throwing a massive party
    • What is your favorite Fall candle scent? – Something with pumpkin or ginger
    • Do you enjoy Christmas? – Yes I get way too excited for it
    • What is your favorite store during Fall? – The garden centre is pretty cool
    • Do you enjoy cold weather? – Yes, its more benificial for my health too 
    • What is your favorite Halloween candy? – Brownies or cookies
    • What is one thing you would love to try during Fall, but haven’t yet? – Pumpkin spice latte
    • What do your friends and family think of your Fall obsession? – They don’t care haha
    • Be honest…are you already planning your Fall-themed wedding? – No, if I ever get married I would love a winter or spring wedding.


    Well, that concludes this tag. I hope you enjoyed some of my answers. It would be super cool to know some of your answers in the comments. Thank you for reading and I shall see you again soon.

    Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


    Alanna x

    Let’s talk about boobs


    How are you? Today I am talking about boobs/tits/whatever you call them. If you find reading the title uncomfortable, please hang in there, this post is rather important.

    Boobs, we all have them, yes I am talking about you men too. We hide them away in a bra for 12+ a day, we grope them, we pinch them, we compare them, we complain about them and we love them. You shouldn’t be ashamed of them.

    We have saggy boobs, perky boobs, perfectly rounded boobs, wonky boobs, double d boobs and non exsistant boobs. You shouldn’t be ashamed of them.

    One person is diagoned with breast cancer every 10 minutes.

    Let that just sink in a minute. Every ten minutes, someone is being told they have cancer. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers here in the UK, yet still not everyone is aware of it. So I am here to educate you a little more. B

    The three main risk factors of breast cancer:

    1. Being a woman – over 99% of new cases of breast cancer are in women.

    2. Getting older – more than 80% of breast cancers occur in women over the age of 50. Most men who get breast cancer are over 60.

    3. Significant family history – this isn’t common, around 5% of people diagnosed with breast cancer have inherited a faulty BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene.

    Breast cancer diagnosis

    1 in 8 women in the UK will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.

    This Breast Cancer Awareness Month around5,000 people will be diagnosed.

    Survival rates

    Breast cancer survival is improving and has doubled in the last forty years in the UK.

    Almost nine in 10 women survive breast cancer for five years or more.

    Every year around 11,400 people die from breast cancer in the UK.

    An estimated 691,000 are alive in the UK after a diagnosis of breast cancer. This is predicted to rise to 840,000 in 2020. For many the overwhelming emotional and physical effects of the disease can be long-lasting.

    Breasts and men

    Breast cancer in men is very rare with just 390 new cases in the UK each year, compared to nearly 55,000 new cases in women.

    More than half (55%) of male breast cancer deaths in the UK are in men aged 75 and over.

    A Breast Cancer Care survey found nearly three-quarters (73%) of men don’t check their breasts for signs and symptoms of breast cancer, even though the same number (73%) know that men can get the disease.

    Signs and symptoms can be:

    • a change in size or shape
    • a lump or area that feels thicker than the rest of the breast
    • a change in skin texture such as puckering or dimpling (like the skin of an orange)
    • redness or rash on the skin and/or around the nipple
    • your nipple has become inverted (pulled in) or looks different (for example changed its position or shape)
    • liquid that comes from the nipple without squeezing
    • pain in your breast or your armpit that’s there all or almost all of the time
    • a swelling in your armpit or around your collarbone

    Many symptoms of breast cancer, such as breast pain or a lump, may in fact be caused by normal breast changes or a benign (not cancer) breast condition. However, if you notice a change, it’s important to see your GP (local doctor) as soon as you can.

    How to check

    Everyone’s breasts look and feel different. Some people have lumpy breasts, or one breast larger than the other, or breasts that are different shapes. When you check your breasts, try to be aware of any changes that are different for you.

    Look at and feel your breasts so you know what’s normal for you

    Try to get used to looking at and feeling your breasts regularly – for instance, when you are in the bath or shower, using body lotion or getting dressed. You don’t need to feel your breasts in any special way.

    Remember to check all parts of your breasts, your armpits and up to your collarbone.

    Not every lump is dangerous

    Most breast changes will not be cancer. However, breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK so it is important that you find out what’s causing the change.

    If your GP is male and you don’t feel comfortable going to see him, you can ask if there’s a female doctor available. You can also ask for a female nurse or member of staff to be present during your examination, or you can take a friend or relative with you.

    When your GP examines your breasts they may feel that there is no need for further investigation, they may ask to see you again after a short  time or they may refer you to a breast clinic. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have breast cancer, just that further tests are needed to find out what is going on.

    What is my point?

    All I am asking is for you to check yourself regularly, go to your gp if you’re concerned, and go if you find any changes. If you are in a relationship, why don’t you get your partner to check? If they dont find anything then who knows what you’ll end up doing, do not be afraid to ask.

    Don’t forget your boobs do change during periods, pregnancy ect, so just keep that in mind, I don’t want you thinking you’ve got cancer because your boob decided to release a little bit of milk.

    Do take this seriously, as I said, every 10 minutes someone is diagnosed with this. This is not a joke, this is your own knowledge.


    Thank you for reading this post. Please do share this around and help make more people aware of not only breast cancer itself but how to check your boobs.

    Don’t forget to donate to charities that are fighting to cure cancer, every little helps.

    Thats all for me, thank you for your time.


    Alanna x

    Autumn poem


    Happy Sunday. I hope you enjoyed my workout post. Today I thought I would put all of my creative energy into a post and I am doing something that I haven’t done for four years and that is to write a poem, a proper poem. 

    Writing poems was one of my recovery strategies, so after I was in a “safe place” I decided that it was best to not bring up those memories when writing poems. But it has been four years now and I need to move on. I need to stop letting the memories hold me back, so I am going to start off small and write a poem about autumn or fall as many of you call it. 


    The leaves are falling as we are watching the changing weather

    It’s time to wrap up those shorts and put on that mustard sweater

    Here comes Halloween and Thanksgiving is coming

    My favourite time of the year is becoming

    Now is the season for pumpkin and apple

    Can we all rush and watch people at the chapel?

    Can we appreciate the beauty of “fall”

    Because after all its the best season of them all.


    Thank you so much for reading. I know that it is not the best poem out there but it’s just something short and sweet. I am working on writing some more personal poems so when I have I will share them. I hope you enjoyed reading this, share your own poem in the comments if you have one.

    Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


    A ♡