A Liebster award


How are you? Today I am bringing you the Liebster award. I was nominated by Kelsee from kelseebhankins.com if you haven’t checked out her blog, do so, it’s amazing.

Kelsee has asked some questions for me and her other nominations to answer, so here they are.

1. What did you do on your last vacation?

  • I have never been on vacation so I can’t answer this. Hopefully soon though!

2. What three words describe you best?

  • Sensitive
  • Quiet
  • Determined

3. Besides your phone, what’s one thing you bring with you everywhere you go?

  • A notepad/note book and pen. I find them key essentials.

4. What is a controversial opinion you have?

  • Everyone should be treated the same whether they be, man, woman, gay, bi, straight, trans, whatever. 

5. What is/was your lastest Netflix binge?

  • I’ve recently re-watched Riverdale season 1 over again and the two latest episodes of season 2.

6. What’s the most useful app you have on your phone?

  • Probably my WordPress app, because when I get a creative idea, I like to type a title up for it and save it, so I can go back and create the post.

7. Away from your blog, do you journal? If so, how? If not, why don’t you?

  • I use to, way back when I was going through some things, so I stopped after I felt “better”. I then tried to re-start but it would just cause flashbacks of those bad times. I do want to try and start again though, I will make it a new year resolution.

8. What’s the craziest/most outrageous thing you want to achieve?

  • I honestly have no idea. Obviously as many of you know, I want my blog to turn into my job, so to achieve that, that would be crazy. I don’t really have any crazy goals set in place though.

9. If you could make a holiday, what would it be like? How would people celebrate it?

  • I would call it “We survived day” where we celebrate the fact that we are still here, still going strong and to embrace that together, we are united. To celebrate, it would be like a bank holiday where you get the day off work/school, and for that day, you can go shopping and get 50% of your items for free. That’ll be pretty cool.

10. Time freezes for everyone but you for one day – what do you do?

  • In reality, I would probably just sleep.
  • In a non-reality senario, I would play match maker. I would set people up on dates, I would make others forgive and forget, I would clean up the mess that has been made, to try and make this world a better place. Then I would write a letter to my crush, telling him how I feel and place it in his hands so when he unfreezes it’s the first thing he sees.


That guys, is all of Kelsee’s questions. They were great to answer, I loved the fact that they were unique. 

If you guys want to take part then by all means do. 


  • Acknowledge the blog who nominated you for this award.
  • Answer 11 questions the blogger gave you.
  • Give random facts about yourself. 
  • Nominate 11 blogs
  • Give 11 questions for them to answer.

My questions

  1. What is the last thing you said to someone?
  2. One of your biggest goals?
  3. What do you regret?
  4. What don’t you regret?
  5. How are you feeling?
  6. What is your biggest fear?
  7. Fresh fries or onion rings?
  8. Where have you been on holiday?
  9. What was your childhood friend called.
  10. Do you believe in ghosts?
  11. What would you possess if you could?


Thank you for reading and again, thank you Kelsee for nominating me. Don’t forget to check out her amazing blog. See you tomorrow.

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


Alanna x


BTS: Hairstyles + an award


How are you? Are you enjoying school/college? Do you hate work already? Can it really be that bad?

As most of you know, I have taken this month off, I am just finding time for myself, for my family and friends. I have hit a rough spot and for the sake of my sanity, I decided to schedule posts for my usual times this month, but will not be as active on them. I will do my best to reply to comments and things but I won’t be spending much time on my laptop so it could be very irregular. If you have twitter, leave a link to all of your posts that I miss under my pinned post, that way when I am back on October 1st, I will read every one of them.

Anyway, I am not here to talk about me, I am here to share with you some easy back to school hairstyles.


1. The beach waves. I have already done a post on this one, so click the link and have a read.

2. Half bun. This is super easy, all you need to do is

  • Half your hair.
  • Use the top half to create a bun. Secure in place with hairband or pins.
  • With the bottom half, straighten or curl.

It is as easy as that.

3. Ponytail plait. It’s pretty self explained but all you do is.

  • Put your hair into a ponytail.
  • Plait your hair.
  • Secure your plait with a hairband.

It just adds something extra to what would be a boring hairstyle.

4. Messy milk braid. Yes this sounds complicated but it really isn’t, it’s perfect for those lazy days when you can’t be bothered to do anything.

  • Pull your hair over to one side and make a regular plait, or if you’re feeling fancy, do a fishtail plait.
  • Secure the plait at the end and pull it around the front of your hairline.
  • Then secure it behind your ear and pull out a few layers to make it look perfectly undone.

See pretty easy!

5. Fishtail plait. Once you’ve nailed how to do this it becomes a lot easier, but until then it can be a little hard. Either way once completed, a side fishtail plait will look amazing!

6. Bandana it. Okay so you’ve not washed your hair today, its a little greasy but not too much, your hair is still in a messy bun from last night and you cannot be bothered to undo it and spend so long brushing it. Well, why not add a bandana and make it look like that really messy bun was part of the look the whole time.


There we have it. Six amazing hairstyles. You only need five. Switching it up is always fun within the first two weeks of school, after that you get into the habbit of not bothering as much.

The award

Now, time for the award. The wonderful Hollie nominated me for. Thank you! Make sure you click the link or cick here to check out Hollie’s blog and her award post. If you don’t already, make sure you give her a follow so you don’t miss any of her amazing posts.

Hollie nominated me for the Blogger Recognition award, so here are the rules:

The award rules:

    • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
    • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
    • Share two pieces of advice for new bloggers.
    • Choose 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
    • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them, providing a link to the post you created.

As usual I am not going to nominate people, instead I will leave some advice for you/new bloggers.

1. Ask for help. If you’re stuck for ideas or something isn’t working the way you want it too, just ask for help. Its better to have a second pair of hands then struggling by yourself.

2. Be proud of what you write. I have read an article recently slating beauty bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and any bloggers that don’t write about politics/mental health. Write what you love, not what others want you to write! Your blog should represent you, so if you want a marble background and you want to write over 1,000 words on a beauty product, you do that!

3. Here is an extra piece of advice: Never forget where you came from. You started from the bottom and one point, you only had a few main supporters, so when your blog blows up and you get more followers/ views, remain true to who you are and who your day ones were!


Well that is it. I hope you enjoyed both parts of my post, hopefully they were both helpful.

Thank you for reading,

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


Alanna x

The Mystery blogger award


Happy Monday. I hope you have had a great day. It’s just one week until you’re off to school again, how do you feel about that?

Today I had my work trial, but I will let you know about that in tomorrows post. For now, I want to upload this award because I was nominated quite a while back.

The wonderful subject beauty nominated me to for this award, so thank you very much! If you click the link it will take you to her award post or you can click here and it will take you to her home page. Make sure you follow her and like a few of her amazing posts.

The rules:

  • #1.Put the logo/image on your blog
  • #2. List The Rules
  • #3. Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog
  • #4. Mention the creator of the award and link their blog
  • #5. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  • #6. Nominate 10-20 bloggers for the award
  • #7. Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog
  • #8. Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice
  • #9. Share a link to your best blog post

Three things about me

  1. I love cleaning. I will clean all day everyday if I could.
  2. I’m not an out going person. I’m quite happy being alone or with a few friends.
  3. I have a big natural butt and everyone seems to compliment me on it.


  • Where do you see your blog in a years time? – I honestly have no idea. I feel like when I am older and I start to live in my own house with my own children, I will have a different blog. As for this blog, I love writing and interacting with everyone, but I don’t know where the future is heading.
  • What’s your favourite season? – Autumn/Winter, I mean their tied so they count as one.
  • One beauty product you could never live without? – I’m not exactly a make-up junkie, I can go months without wearing it so I don’t know.
  • Your favourite restaurant? – I don’t really do restaurants, its not really my style so I don’t know.


Well that is it. As you know I don’t nominate people and things, but feel free to take part anyway. You can answer the same questions

  1. Where do you see your blog in a years time?
  2. What’s your favourite season?
  3. One beauty product you could never live without?
  4. Your favourite restaurant?
  5. Whats your social media handles?

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you all tomorrow for another one.

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


A x

Sunshine blogger award


Good morning and happy Tuesday. How are you? Today I am bringing you three posts again so make sure you check back during the day.

Todays first post is in hounour of the wonderful In a messy world. They nominated me for this award, so thak you so much! If you click the link you are taken straight to the award post. Congratulations on getting the award too.

Now, when it comes to awards, I don’t do them in the right way, I don’t post the rules or stick to the rules, I just answer the questions asked. So again, this is what I am going to do. I’m looking forward to answering them, they’re ones I haven’t been asked before.

The questions:

  • If you could visit one place, anywhere in the world, where would you go? – I would like to go to a camp in Africa and spend some time helping those who need it.
  • Do you prefer books or films? – Books 100%, you can interpret them however you want and get yourself lost in the mind of the characters, films are there to kill that initial imagination.
  • What is your favourite song? – I don’t really have one. I’ve been singing Dua Lipa’s new song called New Rules, so we’ll just go with that answer.
  • What are your hobbies? – Reading, writing, blogging, filming and sleeping.
  • Summer or winter? – Both, they both have high and low points for me.
  • Your favourite childhood memory? – I don’t know, just spending time with my family I guess.
  • Any siblings? – Yes two brothers and 2 sisters.
  • Who do you look up to the most? – My mum and my dad, also my nan.
  • Name one thing you’re afraid of (if anything) – Being alone.
  • Your favourite food? – Oranges
  • The worst thing you have eaten/tried? – I’ve eaten a worm before, wasn’t my finest moment.


That is all of the questions. I’d love to answer some of your questions, so leave a comment and hopefully you’ll get to know me a bit better.

I’ll see you again at 8:30pm tonight.

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


Alanna x

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Liebster award


Welcome back to a second post. How are you? I hope you’ve all had a great day. Last night Fhavours from fhavours.wordpress.com nominated me for the Liebster award. You can read the post here. Thank you so mucg Fhavours!

Now in my usual award accepting posts all I do is answer the questions, so here are Fhavours questions for me.


1. Novels or Movies? – 100% novels. I always chose a book over a film.

2. What is your favourite colour? – Rose gold and pastel pink. They’re kind of tied so I have to say both.

3. Favourite cartoon as a child? – Tom and Jerry without a doubt.

4. What is the colour of your phone case? – I don’t have a phone case.

5. Which do you prefer, a long prom dress or a short prom dress? – Neither, if I ever have the chance to go to prom my dress will be a medium length, so just above or on the knee.

6. Sandals or Shoes? – Shoes. I hate my heels so I like to keep them covered at all costs and shoes are a lot more protective.

7. If you really needed help from a family member, who would you call first your parents or siblings? – I’d call my parents first. They’ve always been my first point of contact.

8. What part of blogging interest you? – All of it. Everyday you find something new and that facinates me.

9. What talent can you demonstrate anytime without stress? – Sleeping. Thats my biggest talent and its stress free.

10. If you were to be a cast in a popular favourite movie you like, what movie would that be? – Twilight. I’d be a much better Bella and I get to have Robert all to myself 😉.

What do you like about my blog? – I like your unique style. You’re not trying to follow the crowd and I like that.


I hope you enjoyed reading my answers. Again, thank you Fhavours for the nomination.

I’ll be back again at 10pm for the scheduled post.

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


A x

500 followers, The unique blogger award & The self esteem tag

Hello my beauties!

As you can see from the title todays post is going to be a long one, so sit back and enjoy. I’m going to start with the Unique blogger award.

The gorgeous Azra from simple serenity nominated me for this award and for the tag, so thank you so much lovely! 

Just like my last award post, I’m just going to answer the questions. To see Azra’s post click here.

Unique blogger award.

  1. Do you have any plans for today? – The only plans I have is my plans for the whole week. I need to reply to PR emails, clean my room, film, write blog posts, workout, cook and leave cute messages for my friend while he is at work.
  2. What is the last movie you watched? – Before I fall on Netflix. It is an amazing film and I will be doing a review on it in the next few weeks.
  3. What is your favourite meal at the moment? – I wouldn’t say I have a favourite meal but one thing I have been non stop munching on is lettuce. 


  • I can’t believe we did it, you did it, that I did it. Together we have reached my only real of 500 followers. This is such an amazing feeling. I don’t know how to celebrate. I’m so thankful for those of you who have been there from day one and to those of you who have recently joined my little family. Your continued love and support is what has made my blog great, you should all feel so proud! I love you all so much!

The self esteem tag

As I mentioned Azra nominated me for the self esteem tag as well as the award, I feel very blessed. So here is the tag.
1. What is one facial or physical feature you like most about yourself?

  • I like my eyes, not the shape but the colour. They are a really cute shade of blue. I also like my bum. I like how it’s naturally big and in shape, I know how some girls have to workout a lot to get a “good shape” bum. I’m lucky enough not to have too.

2. What values are most important to you?

  • People who are honest, honesty is the one thing that gains my respect. Like if you have something on your mind, don’t lie, just be upfront about it. Its the only way people can be on the same page as you.

3. What is one personality trait that you like most about yourself?

  • I like how open minded I am. I try to see things from everyones perspective before I make my own judgement.

4. What is your definition of beautiful?

  • For me beautiful is someone who is confident, someone who knows they have flaws but loves them anyway.

5. What is the last thing you did that made you smile or laugh?

  • The last thing I did that made me smile was accepting a brand proposal. 

6. When do you feel most attractive?

  • It sounds weird but when I’m talking to my friend and im not wearing make up, my hair is a mess and I have a nail varnish stain, he makes me feel attractive.
  • The same when I am in the car with another friend and he compliments my make-up or my hair, I feel attractive around those two.

7. What are you passionate about?

  • I’m passionate about making things better, whether thats people, the community or me personally. I always want to change things for the better. 

8. Who is the most supportive figure in your life?

  • I have to change that to figures because these three people have the same impact. The first is my parents. They never doubt me, they are always behind me in case I fall and their arms are always open.
  • The other person is my friend. He is always by my side, always telling me I can do it even when I feel like I’m going to fail. When I fall he picks me back up and puts me back on the right track.

9.  What are you most proud of about yourself?

  • I am proud of how strong I am. Most people would have collapsed and stayed in the pit of emptiness but I managed to pull myself up and just look at where I am today.

10. Do you feel good about yourself today?

  • I do, I feel really good. I feel like I can do anything I set my mind too and I feel like I look great in my outfit.


That is it guys. I’m off to do some more post planning. I’ll see you all tomorrow.

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


Alanna ♡

Mystery blogger award and a general chit-chat

How are you? I hope you are all happy and excited that school is nearly over. I have been in such a good mood for the past couple of weeks and honestly, I can feel myself getting happier and happier. I’ll explain why in a bit.

First I wanted to share the Mystery blogger award. The beautiful Liv kindly nominated me! You can read her award post here. I’m super thankful for the nomination, but I’m not going to do this in the award style – I hope you don’t mind Liv!

I loved Liv’s questions so I thought I would just answer them instead, because we all know that I don’t nominate people for the awards. So Liv’s questions:

1. What’s the reason behind your descison to pick your blog name?

~ I chosen Imagalaxygirl because I wanted something unique, a name that would make me stand out and a name that made me different. I have a pair of galaxy leggings which kind of inspired the name, but also the fact that I wanted something to represent my escape.

2. Which do you prefer most after a long tiring day: Whiskey, Wine, Bourbon, or Beer?

~ Honestly now that I am eighteen, the whole appeal to drinking isn’t that strong. I usually just go for cranberry juice. But if I had to pick one, then wine because whiskey is too strong, beer is a little bleak and I have no idea what bourbon is.

3. What are your favourite mantras and/or quotes to live by? 

~ I love the one I made up, I always finish my post with it. “STAY SAFE, STAY HAPPY AND LIVE LIFE AS AN ADENTURE” that is the best one I have ever created. As for quotes I will insert a few pictures of them for you.

4. Which TV show/family: Empire or Greenleaf? 

~ Who or who? Yep never heard of these? Can I just opt for a third option and pick the Gilmore girls?

5. If you had a chance to drop everything and travel the world, where would your first destination be?

~ As of next October, that is exactly what I am doing, dropping everything and just leaving. My first stop is USA, Tennesse to be exact, from there I am travelling the whole of America, then moving on to the rest of the world. Let me know where in the world you live.

That is the end to Liv’s questions but I loved answering them. Again thank you so much for nominating me and I’m sorry I didn’t do the whole normal award post thing. Make sure you all head over and read her amazing work, there is a link at the top of the post and a link will be put ay the bottom too!


Now for the chit-chat. 

I wanted to update you on the hospital situation. As you know I was meant to be in hospital from Monday until today but they rang up and said they didn’t have any beds avaliable, that annoyed me but I let it go because they were meant to ring back yesterday to let me know what is going on, whether I am actually going up there or if I have to go back on the waiting list. Well yesterday, I didn’t recieve a call, so I am guessing that I will have to wait half a year again just to get this done. I just wanted to say thank you for your support though! When the hospital eventually sort themselves out and I finally get these tests done, you’ll be the first to know the outcome. 

Aside from the hospital being shitty and making my mood low, I have been relatively happy. I’ve just started talking to someone and everything is so good. He is so sweet and he genuinally cares about my feelings. Last night I spoke to him about things I wouldn’t ever be able to tell my other friends. I’m so thankful that I am making such amazing friends. Not only does it makes me feel happy, but it makes me feel more confident because it means I’m doing something right.

My plans to travel are still there, next October is the first official plan to go. There was a whole plan to move to America but I don’t know how that’ll go, I’ll have to wait and see. 

My health is amazing! I haven’t had a seizure for a while and I am so happy about that, I also haven’t been admitted back to hospital so another yay for me. The whole bite situation has cleared up and my hand is back to its non balloon self. 

Everything is just feeling really good. It’s coming up to four years since my Grandad passed and I just want to tell him that I’m sorry for not saying goodbye and that I miss him, but most of all, I want to tell him about this guy and how happy I am. I know he is looking down on me, but its not the same. 

Vlogs will be back as soon as possible, probably not this weekend, but the weekend after I could perhaps do something fun. 


Well that is it guys, I can’t think of anything else to update you on. Thanks to Liv for this award and thank you all for reading.

Don’t forget to let me know where in the world you live and to spark up a conversation in the comments, I am a very chatty person and I’d love to talk with you.

But for now,

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


Alanna x

The Liebster award


Welcome back. Again I apologise for not being able to reply to your comments. I’m hoping my internet will be up and running tomorrow.

I was nominated very kindly by sakshibhojane04 for the Liebster award. The link will take you to her award post. Make sure you give it a read and follow her too. Thank you for my nomination.

Rules for this award

•Acknowledge the blog who nominated you for this award.

•Answer 11 questions the blogger gave you

•Give random facts about yourself

•Nominate 11 blogs

•Give 11 questions to answer them

  1. Why did you start blogging? – I started blogging to escape a really bad part of my life, but now that its over with, I blog to share my creativeness.
  2. Which one mistake would you love to delete from your past if you were given a choice? – I wouldn’t delete any. All of my mistakes have shaped me into the person I am now and I wouldn’t be doing the things I am without them. 
  3. What is the best thing about you? – I am very forgiving. I forgive those who probably don’t derserve my forgiveness but I believe that everyone deserves a second chance.
  4. Who is the best person you met on WordPress? – I can’t just name one. I have made so many amazing friend while doing this, I am so grateful to each one of them. I’m going to have to say all of you, because you all bring something new to my life and its amazing.
  5. 5. Given a choice- 1)Facebook 2) WordPress ….which one will you choose? – WordPress without even thinking about it. I don’t really use facebook, I have been tempted to delete it so many times, where as wordpress, I wouldnt ever want to get rid of it. 
  6. Would you like to give any suggestions to improve my blog? – No way! Your blog is your space, you can do whatever you want with it.
  7.  If you were allowed to demand any one thing, what would be that? – That traveling is free.
  8. Any question you would like to ask me? – What is your biggest inspiration?
  9. If you were sponsored a tour which place you would love to visit? – India and Africa. Anywhere to be quite honest.
  10. A habit of you which you hate the most? – Biting my nails. I do this when I am stressed and its the worst.
  11. What kind of person you would love to be with – 1) the one who is fake but is nice to you…2) a person who is real but sometimes rude to you? – 100% someone who is real but sometimes rude. I hate fake people, like there is just no need for it. So I’d rather have someone be harsh but truthful. 

Random facts about me:

  • I get so into a song that I pretend I am performing it.
  • I’m getting my first tattoo at the end of summer.
  • I’m 18 but I have the maturity of someone older and the mentality of someone younger.
  • I have had a crush on someone for the last 4 years.

I hope you don’t mind but I wont nominate anyone. If you want to do this then I have 11 questions for you, if you don’t, just answer the questions in the comments for some fun.

  1. What is your middle name?
  2. What is your zodiac sign?
  3. Do you think it represents you?
  4. Name one person you’d like to keep around forever?
  5. Do you know any languages? What are they?
  6. Would you like to be pen pals?
  7. What is your favourite season?
  8. What is one lie you told that really hurt someone?
  9. What are your top 3 books?
  10. In ten years time, where in the world would you like to be?
  11. And most importantly, how are you today?


I’m sorry for doing two award posts today, but I hope you’ve enjoyed them.

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.

Lots of love! 

Alanna x

Inspirational blogger award


How are you? I’m sorry that I haven’t replied to comments or read any of your posts, I haven’t got any internet at home, I have been using my nans but I am at work this weekend so I haven’t had the chance to go over there and use it. I will obviously read, comment, like ect on everyones post asap.

For now, I wanted to say a huge thank you to Autumn girl for nominating me for the inspirational blogger award. Make sure you check out her blog, give it a follow if you don’t already. The link here will take you to her award post.

The rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you in your post and make sure to link their blog
  • Insert the blog award badge
  • Copy an paste these rules
  • Complete the blogger award scrapbook style questions (make sire to include pictures where possible)
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers who inspire you.

□ Share a quote to inspire other bloggers

□ Share a photo of one of your favourite places you have visited, and why is it your favourite place?

The village I live in is my favourite place. It has so much beauty, you just have to look in the right places to find it.

□ Share a photo of an item you love.

□Do you have any other hobbies outside blogging?

  • I love photography, you can tell from my adventure vlogs. 
  • I also love writing. Poems, short stories, anything really. Im currently writing my own book.

□Share a link to one of your favourite blogs. What qualities do you love about this blogger?

It’s difficult to pick just one, but I have to without a doubt give credit where its due. If it wasn’t for the amazing person, my blog would only have 3 views and I wouldn’t have over 300 followers. This girl is the reason my blog is out there, the reason you are able to read it. So a huge huge thank you to Natalie. She was the first blogger I found and I have loved every post she has put up since. She gives the best advice and is 100% someone who brings the best to your life.

□How long have you been blogging for?

I have been blogging for 2 maybe 3 years. The thing with me is, I get so far in a blog, then I hate the way its going, so I delete everything and try again. I’m never 100% happy with my style so im always change it.

Nominations: I nominate all of you, you are all so inspirational, you are all so special. If you do chose to do this, tag me so I can have a read.


I’ll see you again at 6pm. 

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


A x