A little change


I have some important changes going on and I thought it was about time that I let you know what’s going on. Not only does it affect me personally, but it means everything else changes such as my blog and my social medias.

I’m not sure how many of you noticed, but I have been fairly quiet over on my social medias lately. I haven’t really made a difference on my blog because I schedule my posts anyway so I spend a day writing 5/6 posts ahead of time, so you always have something to read.

The reason I have been a little quiet is because I am busy adulting. Since I can remember I have had my heart set on moving out. Now, I have found my dream home, honestly it is everything that I would want as a first house. The only issue I face now is “can I actually move out”. The house costs just over £1,000 to run every month (including rent) which isn’t that bad, but I don’t make that sort of money, so I need to find a way to make money fast. I also face my illness issue. Can I move out while I still suffer from an undiagnosed condition? Is it safe? What does happen if I seizure alone?

While I have had my heart set  on doing everything possible to get this house, I now face a new issue. I’m pretty sure my body just hates me. I am now being tested for polycystic ovaries. I’m not going to dive into that because 1) I have no idea what it actually is and 2) I might not even have it.

I have also been designing some new items to go into my Zazzle store. If you have no idea what that is, check out this post. Make sure you buy one or more of my products. I will do a post explaining the prices soon!

Due to being so busy at the moment, I have decided I am going to cut down the days I post, I am going to go from seven days to five. That gives me two days off. One of those days will be where I am super active on my social medias and preparing new posts and my other day will be my chill day, where I literally take time to be selfish and look after myself. That being said, I am doing blogmas this year, so I will be uploading everyday in December and if I have any brand collaborations, I will get them up asap.

I just feel like I put so much time into this, but my time isn’t being well spent. I aim to one day have this as my job, so I need/want my blog to be the best it can be.

I hope you’re all okay with this change. It wont start until November anyway and let’s face it, it will probably be a nice break for you because let’s be honest, I post a lot in a week!

Also as a side note, I am still working on my merch, so don’t worry, I am making it happen. I will also be re-starting my youtube, so head over and subscribe.

Thank you for always supporting me and who knows maybe after the new year I will be able to do some moving posts. (Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me).

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


Alanna x


A little update


How are you? I know that I have been away for a while now but today I want to come back and have a little chat and just update you all on my time away. If you follow me on Twitter you will see that I am doing so well, I am so happy and for the first time in a very long time, I feel as though I can do anything.

My heath

My health has been amazing. I have a cold which is totally my own fault but other then that I have been great. The last time I had a seizure was when I had my job trial. I haven’t felt that ill since either. The only reason I have a cold is because the night of my party, a group of us went to the park around 11pm and everything was wet and cold, and yes I was the idiot who didn’t put a jacket on. I do have hospital on the 28th for some personal things but other than that, nothing big is happening.

Job situation

Okay so something big happened in this department. I totally over reacted at work and had a total breakdown, I was fed up with the way I was being spoken to and the way I was being treated and I just let it build up until I broke down I tears. I was made to feel as if I was useless and incapable. I went to the manager and sat there crying like an idiot and I told her that I want to leave immediately and without pay if necessary. One, how stupid, bills can’t be paid without money and two, I bloody need that job. I now don’t have a job which sucks because I have bills and things to pay. But I did speak to my boss and she was very rude again, so I told her point blank how she made me feel and she didn’t know how to respond.


Apart from seeing them at my party, I haven’t spoken to them. I have also completely cut off people, even the ones that I had been friends with for years. I came to the point where I was sick of putting in all the effort and getting nothing back in return. I had to think about it and I thought what’s the point. Who am I going to miss when I move? Who will bother with me when I move? They weren’t on the list so it was an easy decision to make. I dint think they’ve even noticed to be honest, which really says it all. My other friends have gone back to college/sixth form for their last year so we are meeting again for Halloween.


Ha. What even is that? I have literally been the laziest person and I haven’t exercised once. I have lost weight though which I am beyond happy about, I think its where I am ill so im not wanting to eat as much, and I haven’t spent my wages on chocolate, cakes and pasties. I do plan on getting back into the swing of things in October, right now I just want to carry on having fun, being crazy and keep my adventures up.

What am I up to?

Taking this month of has been a huge weight lifted from my shoulders and even though I’m not active, you’re all smashing the love and support so thank you so much. I have been spending time with my family, something that I now realise I don’t do enough. My cousins have recently moved down to where I live so I have been spending time with them, mostly qt the park but still, spending time with them is fun. The only complaint I have about it is that I am quite often mistaken as my cousins mum which is dead awkward, because she is one, she keeps saying mum mum mum which makes matters worse for me.

I have also been on some late night adventures which is fun, a little tiring but honestly I’ve never had so much adrenaline rush through me. It’s safe to say, I am being a wild child. When im not out gallivanting around town, I am being a good girl and writing blog post, letters and taking part in an online course. I have also done a few personal things which has made me feel a lot more confident and I actually feel proud to go out without make up or looking glamed up, my sweatpants and messy bun look is a real winner.

What’s coming up?

My brother’s and my sisters birthdays are soon and my break will be over shortly after that. As I’ve already said, I have hospital on the 28th but nothing big or overly exciting is coming up.


Well that is the end of the update. I will be available to chat today so come and chat. Thank you for reading and I hope you have an amazing day.

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


Alanna ♡

Update: My fat face


Happy Monday, I hope your day has been very chilled. I’d love to know what you’ve been up to.

If you follow me on twitter you would have seen that last thursday I had a tooth removed. I joked that it was because I ate too many sweets, but I promise its not. Bascially I had an infection and it was killing my tooth, there was me thinking I really had eaten too much but nope, it wasn’t my fault.

I was injected a grand total of four times so my face would go numb and he managed to pull the tooth straight out. Horray for me! Well turns out no.

I had a blood clott which is normal, but that clott had fallen leaving something called dry socket. It basically meant that my bone was exposed, like I could literally see my bone.

I went back today because honestly my face was just getting bigger and bigger, I looked like a hamster, then a balloon then a bloody ball was hanging on the side of my face.

He cleaned the bone without numbing me, and yes it was painful. He has covered the bone with some material that the bone will grow into and then the cover he has but will fall away at its own time. My mouth is numb, has been since this morning, I am not complaining though because before I was in complete agony. My swelling is finally going down. I am just repping a slight puffer fish look, but I can cope with that.

Hopefully my face will be back to normal soon.

Thanks for reading, I know this post didn’t really have a point or anything, but I thought I would just update you.

I’ll be back with a better post tomorrow.

Stay safe, stay happy and live life as an adventure.


A x

Losing over £100 in wages – A life update

How are you? Happy weekend. The weather is incredible, I am currently sat in the garden soaking up the rays and attempting to tan. I hear that we are set for an amazing few weeks off hot weather, so get your pools up asap!

I know you’re probably wondering, why am I uploading when I said I wouldn’t. Truth is I miss sitting down and writing post after post. I am working my butt off to get my summer posts ready, but thats not enough to fix my needs. Blogging to me is an addictive drug – probably not the best way to describe it, but you get the picture.

I have some huge things coming up in July regarding my health, I am so happy that the ball is finally rolling and that I am getting closer to getting answers. On July 3rd I am off to London for 3 nights in a hospital, wired up to machines and being filmed 24/7. This is so they can film and track my seizures, it sounds scary, but I have been through a similar thing before, only difference is, it lasted for and hour and not 72. While I am up there, I will have my posts scheduled so they should go up. I wont have any internet, so if you do comment, I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

I have a follow up appointment on Wednesday at hospital to check over my hand and to make sure I don’t have any pockets of fluid or infection left. It seems to be a lot better, the swelling has gone and I can move my fingers a lot better, it does get very painful when I over do things, but I am not one to rest. 

Technically I am grounded so I wont be doing any adventure vlogs yet, but they will be up soon, I promise. I will be normal vlogging too, just need to work around my schedule, too many appointments are comming up.

I have lost more weight. I haven’t done my workouts due to my hand but I think being in hospital has helped because I don’t like hospital food so I didn’t eat much. Next week I will be back to my exercises, and hopefully I can go out running too.

Work has been a nightmare. I was in hospital for Saturday and Sunday last week so I lost out on my shifts, which means I lost out on getting paid, I couldn’t do anything about that so I am not too angry but I was discharged Monday and I was due to work today, but I was told on Thursday that I have been taken off my shift. No explanation why, no ringing me up and asking if I am well enough to do it, nope, they took that upon themselves to take me off. Which means I have lost another day of wages, that is over £100 that I will not be getting this month. Now to some off you £100 is nothing, but to me, it is everything, I am 18, struggling to find a job that will take me because of my seizures, school has kicked me out and I am saving to be able to move to America. Losing £100 is a big deal. I am so annoyed because I have bills to pay, I have money to put away and I have my familys birthdays coming up. I will have just about enough to cover my bills, thats it, then for the rest of the month, I will be left with £5. How is someone suppose to live off £5!?

Okay, I’ll stop ranting. 

My social life is pretty much non existant. My best friend visited me in hospital so at least I know she still cares. My other friend visited too, she brought me a happy meal, sweets and a card that pretty much sums up my life. I speak to my other friend everyday, he is dealing with his own stuff but we always find a way to annoy eachother. As for everyone else, they don’t seem that interested. The friends I made at school, they are all revisinh for their mock exams, so obviously I am being their mother and telling them to revise and not talk to me, but my other friends, the older lot, they are honestly crap. They always come up with the same excuses and it backfires on them because they are then out with other people. I think its about time I cut ties with them. 

That is it for my update, its not very cheery, I am sorry. I hope you managed to enjoy the sun, maybe tomorrow, sit in the garden with your books.

Stay happy, stay safe and live life as an adventure.

I love you all,

Alanna x

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